USA:   Stop Company From Sawing Through Live Lambs’ Throats – Petition.



Stop Company From Sawing Through Live Lambs’ Throats


Target: Dr. Yudhbir Sharma, District Manager of Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) in California.



Goal: Launch full investigation into allegations of animal cruelty and violations of food labeling standards against lamb meat producer.

Animal rights group Compassion Over Killing has released horrific undercover footage showing what appears to be cruel treatment of animals at a meat plant owned by Superior Farms, the United States’ leading producer of lamb meat.

Footage shows lambs having their throats brutally sawed at with a knife in repeated strokes, in apparent violation of the Humane Methods of Slaughter Act.

Many of these innocent animals were seen still moving and trying to breathe, even after their throats had been cut. Almost as worrisome was the revelation of potential health code violations.

According to investigators, workers were documented removing “best by” and “packed on” date labels from finished products and replacing them with labels with later dates more than a dozen times, essentially lying to consumers about the freshness of their products. The slaughterhouse has denied these claims and asserts the labels were simply wrong.

The FSIS department of the USDA must do its job to ensure that Superior Farms is abiding by animal welfare and labeling standards. Demand that they launch a full investigation of Superior Farms and penalize them as necessary if found guilty of these alleged violations.


Lets see what Emperor Trump does about this – the USDA has closed down a lot of its website (see earlier post) so that animal abusers cannot be tracked




Dear Dr. Sharma,

A video from an undercover investigation shows workers at a California meat plant owned by Superior Farms brutally slaughtering lambs in methods that apparently violate the Humane Methods of Slaughter Act. The video also shows workers changing dates of “best by” labels on finished products, apparently deceiving their consumers about the freshness and quality of their meat.

I ask that the FSIS launch a full investigation of Superior Farms and punish them harshly if these allegations are found to be true.


[Your Name Here]



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