Final Push For The Bees – Please Support If Possible.


Hi Mark,

Wow — we’ve never seen anything like this before.

Because of you, we’re almost able to fully cover the Bee Defenders’ final stages of their massive legal battle.

We’re just £4,551 short.

With your support right now, we can fully cover all legal costs — AND show our support at the courthouse alongside the Bee Defenders. 

Will you be their hero and chip in the last little bit they need to save the bees?

Donate now

Any extra that’s donated will be directed straight into other actions to save the bees in 2017.

Thanks for all you do,


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A small, brave coalition of beekeeping organisations is taking on pesticide giants like Bayer, Syngenta, and BASF in court to save the bees.

They’re rapidly running out of money at this crucial time and they need your help to win this case.

The Bee Defenders Alliance is fighting to uphold the European Commission’s historic, partial ban on three nasty pesticides that are decimating bee colonies.

The lawsuit’s about to enter its final phase with hearings to start any day now — and lawyers are telling us that right now that it could go either way.

If we lose this, it would mean a world where Bayer and its friends get free rein to sell bee-killing pesticides. That would be game over for the bees.

A donation from you would go a long way towards protecting the bees — paying for top notch lawyers and other resources that the Alliance needs to win.

Will you please chip in to save the bees?

Donate £20 now

Donate £30 now

Donate £41 now

Chip in another amount

We need to protect the bees: over a billion jobs depend on them, and bees are responsible for a third of the food that we eat.

But the threat of extinction of the bees is looming large thanks to these pesticides called neonics. Just last week, a new report revealed that the harm of neonics is greater than what we thought when the partial ban was first introduced.

The Alliance is key to a defeat of the pesticide lobby — they are the voice of beekeepers and independent scientists.

And they’re up against corporations like Bayer, Syngenta, and BASF — powerful and wealthy corporations that can strong arm the European Commission to get what they want.

You can help defeat the pesticide giants by chipping in to support the Alliance’s people-powered fight.

We may never have as much money as the big corporations, but SumOfUs members like you have shown that when we stand together we punch above our weight.

Hundreds of thousands of you pushed France to become the first country to ban the chemicals responsible for the global bee die-off.

Together, we’ve sent beekeepers to confront Bayer’s corporate executives at its annual shareholder meeting. And we’ve forced big hardware chains across the world to stop selling neonics.

This year, we’re working around the clock to get Canada to join France in banning neonics, extend the European neonic ban, and stop U.S. grocery store giants like Kroger from selling bee-killing products. We’ll also continue to support threatened bee scientists like Jonathan Lundgren and the beekeeper alliance that’s fighting Bayer and Syngenta in court.

And finally, we’ll do everything we can to stop the Bayer-Monsanto merger from hell and continue to fight the biggest bee-killer of them all, Bayer.

Can you please help stop the pesticide lobby from tearing up this historic win for the bees?

Donate £20 now

Donate £30 now

Donate £41 now

Chip in another amount

Thanks for all that you do, 

Wiebke, Kat and the team at SumOfUs



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