UK / NL: We Never Shoot Them – Only With A Camera ! – Watch The Amazing Starlings ‘Murmuration’.



uk  netherlands



Enjoy watching these – known in the UK as ‘starlings murmuration’; a beautiful dance by starling birds which happens at twilight each night.


Tens and tens of thousands of birds are often involved and people are amazed and dumbfounded how all the birds know exactly in which direction to turn at any specific second.



It is not really known why the term ‘murmuration’ is used or even where it came from – but it is something that can be traced back hundreds of years regarding the bird displays.


Here in the UK it is often descibed as the best free dance routine anyone can see.  Special observation places are stationed and set up around the UK for people to venture out at dusk and witness this amazing display.


Here are a couple of videos from the UK, and one from the Netherlands.


Enjoy this amazing display put on by the birds for free for observers every evening !




Nature at its best !!









Update of new footage from Israel – watch the amazing display !




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