Serbia: Please Give Whatever You Can (Even $1) To Help Fix The Roof At Shelter Felix.

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Below you’ll find a recent link which we posted in order to try and buy roof guttering in addition to helping Danica with the massive re-roofing that she has had to undertake at shelter Felix: 

Here is the YouCaring site link which enables you to donate money directly to help this cause. 

As YouCaring say on their site – “We transfer donations directly into your PayPal or WePay account as soon as they are received. YouCaring does not charge its fundraisers, regardless of the amount of money they raise. Our site is supported by amazing donors from all over the world, which makes it the only truly free website of its kind”.

YouCaring is a free service and now fundraiser is charged for their services.

See more about the YouCaring service at: 


Over the last few days nothing has been donated by anybody to help pay for the new roofs at Felix shelter;  $1,565 has been raised of the $3,000 goal.

Whilst we appreciate the help and support given by many great people who have already donated, we are disappointed that things now seem to have stopped midway. It is essential that this roofing is sorted in order that the shelter can continue and take new cats as they arrive. If the money was not needed, then we would ask for it on behalf of shelter Felix. It is essential that the work be completed as soon as possible and definitely before the arrival of winter.



Above – Reasons why it is essential that donations be given to purchase new guttering !

So we are asking yet again if people can give something, anything, in the way of a donation to help get this roof repair completed. We are not asking for the world, simply a donation of five dollars, $10, $50, or more if you are able to stretch that far. Anything, even a donation of one dollar would help – we only need 1500 people to each give one dollar and the problem is sorted. If 150 people each gave $10, again the problem will be sorted. Is $10 a lot to ask of people nowadays ? – Just think of the help and forever home that you would be contributing to for felines that Danica has rescued and taken in from a pitiful life on the streets.




Above – We want to get this all sorted so that we can get back to enjoying our forever home !

Below you will see some other pictures of the residents and other work which is currently in progress; work which has to be completed as soon as possible.






Please, please consider making a donation, regardless of size, to help the cats at shelter Felix

Lets move together from being stuck at $1,565; and instead reach and exceed the $3,000 goal which has been set.

Thank you – SAV.





Please donate and help us get back to our peaceful, Purrrfect Home –

Thank You.

All the cats at Shelter Felix.


Here is the YouCaring site link which enables you to donate money directly to help this cause. 

PayPal button is on our blog:

and our website:


Dinarske uplate: Felix-Felinolosko drustvo  355-1070729-96









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