USA: Earth to Trump: We’ll see you in court.


The Trump resistance has hit high gear. The Washington Post has even noticed, running the headline “The Standoff Between Trump and Green Groups Just Boiled Into War.”

In the wake of Trump’s attacks on the environment, the Center for Biological Diversity’s response has been swift and aggressive. Last week we filed two lawsuits in two days: one to take down Trump’s senseless plan to bring back dirty coal mining on public lands, the other to stop him from ramming the Keystone XL pipeline through thousands of miles of wildlife habitat for as many as 20 rare species, including whooping cranes. The next day we convinced the Oklahoma Bar Association to investigate whether EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt lied to Congress under oath.

You can support our actions with an emergency donation to the Trump Resistance Fund. Thanks to a generous Center member’s matching gift, your dollars will go twice as far.

Trump’s revival of some of the world’s filthiest fossil fuel projects would put us back decades, poison our air and water and edge the climate toward a point of no return. He’s also planning to revoke Obama’s Clean Power Plan and hijack the Paris climate agreement — and he just sneakily signed legislation last night allowing bears and wolves to be slaughtered in Alaska’s national wildlife refuges. If Trump gets his way, his industry friends will get even richer — but the price will be steep and severe for the planet.

Please make a matched gift to the Trump Resistance Fund and join our fight.

Since Trump’s inauguration, we’ve already filed 9 different lawsuits and even more legal actions, including one against the EPA for approving a highly toxic pesticide called Enlist Duo and one we launched today to ban Wildlife Services’ use of M-44 cyanide bombs — the same poisonous landmines that recently injured a 14-year-old boy in Idaho, killed his Labrador retriever Casey, and killed an endangered wolf in Oregon. Every move Trump makes will be countered by the resistance: We’ll fight him in the courts, the streets, and the halls of power.

The Center’s got this — but it’s going to be expensive, and we need you by our side. Resist Trump’s anti-environment agenda with a donation to the Center’s Trump Resistance Fund. Your gift will be matched dollar for dollar.

Earth to Trump: We’ll see you in court.


Kierán Suckling
Executive Director
Center for Biological Diversity

P.S. We’re already in the fight of a lifetime with Trump’s White House and the most anti-environment Congress we’ve ever seen. Help us beat them back with an automatic monthly donation.

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