Serbia: Appeal for Help With Food for Dogs and Cats. See Facebook link below.

Hi Mark,

Can You, please, help by SAV  in matter of Dogs by Duda.

She  cares for about  30 dogs and  many cats too, but now she has no food, and  the Winter is  in front of us, and in winter animals even  need more food, but she has nothing, No food  as for dogs, or for cats , and Mrs. Duda needs urgent help.

Please help Mrs. Duda, a great person  and animal lover  in Nova Pazova, near Belgrade,  she needs help as soon  as is possible..

Thanks with all my heart.

Facebook link:


Since I personally care for about 50 saved dogs and cats. I know best how desperately  she needs  an urgent help.

Unfortunately  I personally cannot help her, but please  help You by SAV.

She has no internet  and lives with 30 dogs and  many cats, and needs our help.

Everything she had she gave to the animals  and to  the vets  .

an You help her  by SAV, please.

Thanks- .Regards.




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  1. Reblogged this on "OUR WORLD".

    • Thanks Nancy – we all do what we can but if we can share then great. This lady gives all her money to feeding the animals, and goes without herself. She does not have computer or internet and so we cannot do a Youcaring appeal. Lets hope what we show will get her some help – any help. Regards Mark.

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