England: Time Out – Tornado Buzz !


Time Out

I need some fast Tornado tonight ! – boys toys and all that !

They gave me 24 years of fun and frolics.

Enjoy the videos !

I will delete these in a day or so – but you can always see them and lots more Tornado footage on ‘About Us – tab at the top of the page – I just need a ‘Tornado buzz’ tonight after animal work all day today.

 Happy afterburners !!











The girl still wins, but its a close one !

Serbia: Come On Folks – Donate Please – Not Much To Raise Now, But They STILL Need Donations !

Help Viktor and Viktorija to stay safe

The Story

Time passes, 4 years pass while they are in the pension and left on waiting. I do not know exactly why they have no luck.

We are already tired of waiting. Unfortunately, on the picture you can not see how good they are and cuddly, they looks like an ordinary street yellow dogs. Maybe because that no one asks for them.

They are not demanding, they are wonderful brother and sister who are hold together, love other dogs, like people, love to play and love attention.

Victor and Victoria have 4 years, they are vaccinated and healthy, castration sterilization was performed. We search for home from the pension for which we need 60e month, Our food is our 20e for month. Help is needed every month.

We are grateful if you can help.

To donate please go to




Take Action Now Over German Live Exports – It Is German Election Time – We Can Be A Voice.


Dear Mark,

I received this mail petition from Animals Angels today and would like to send it to you.

It goes to the Federal Minister of Christianity and the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture, in Germany.

Now it is the elections and maybe we can achieve something.

In any case it is important that many nationalities sign, so that Agrarminister Schmidt finally notes that the whole world is informed of his hostile animal policy.

And because EU is Germany, it is important to put pressure on him.

In the name of the animals, thank to all who participate



The situation:

Germany has already exported more than 13,676 cattle and calves to Turkey, as well as 331 cattle to Iraq.

Support our work for the animals with the invitation to the German authorities to stop exports of live animals to Turkey and Iraq.

We had a few problems yesterday, but now we can provide the email address for the letter to the minister, here is it:



ACTION – what you can do to help

So first dial up a blank e mail using the above link.

Then either copy the German or English (or both) versions of the short letter given below.

Paste the letter(s) into the e(blank)  mail you have created via the above link.

Then hit the ‘send’ button on your e mail to send it to the Minister.

Job done – Thank you.

This is the letter to copy and send in German


“An Bundesminister Christian Schmidt und das Bundesministerium für Ernährung und Landwirtschaft:

Wir fordern Sie dazu auf, den Export lebender Tiere in die Türkei sowie in den Irak zu stoppen.

Auf Ihrer Internetseite lesen wir folgendes: „Aus Gründen des Tierschutzes sollen Transporte über lange Strecken soweit wie möglich vermieden werden.

Doch im Jahr 2016 hat Deutschland 29.368 Rinder und Kälber zur Zucht, Mästung oder Schlachtung in die Türkei exportiert.

Die deutschen Tierschutzgesetze werden jedoch nicht mitexportiert, vielmehr werden die Tiere ihrem Schicksal überlassen.

Dies lässt sich in keinem Sinne mit dem im Grundgesetz verankerten Staatsziel Tierschutz vereinen.“

 Name, Nationality

This is the English version of the same letter.

“To Federal Minister Christian Schmidt and the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture:

We ask you to stop exporting live animals to Turkey and Iraq.

On your website, we read the following: “For reasons of animal welfare, transports over long distances are to be avoided as much as possible.”

But in 2016, Germany exported 29,368 cattle and calves to Turkey for breeding, fattening or slaughtering. 

But the law is not exported with the animals, they are left to their fate instead. This can not be reconciled in any sense with the goal of animal protection laid down in the Basic Law of Germany.”

Name, Nationality


Animals Angels Website Link:


Note – please click on the UK flag at the top to get an English translation for the site which is written in German.



USA: News from the Center for Biological Diversity.

USA News from the Center for Biological Diversity


Check out all the latest at  http://biologicaldiversity.org/


New Video Shows Wild Jaguar in Arizona

Big news for jaguars: This morning the

Center for Biological Diversity released

the first video footage of a jaguar living

in the Chiricahua Mountains of southern

Arizona. The cat has been named Sombra,

Spanish for “shadow,” by middle-school

students at Tucson’s Paulo Freire Freedom

School. The jaguar in our footage appears

to be the same one photographed in the

nearby Dos Cabezas Mountains in November

2016. Its gender is unknown. “This beautiful

cat has now appeared in images taken seven

months apart,” said the Center’s Randy

Serraglio. “It has apparently established

residence in excellent habitat more than

50 miles north of the border — great news

for jaguar recovery.” We’ve been fighting

for years to save jaguars and their U.S. habitat.

Read more and see the video.


Lawsuit Targets Commercial Wildlife Trapping in California

Every year in California thousands of coyotes, foxes,

badgers and other fur-bearing animals are trapped

so their pelts can be sold overseas. Meanwhile the

state’s commercial trapping program has long

been mismanaged. And since 2013, wildlife

agencies have illegally diverted as much as

half a million dollars to fund it. That’s why

this week the Center and Project Coyote sued

the California Fish and Game Commission

and Department of Fish and Wildlife.

“Commercial trapping is a cruel, destructive

practice that shouldn’t be subsidized by California

taxpayers,” said the Center’s Jean Su. “It’s

wrong that a handful of trappers slaughter

our wildlife for private profit while the state

foots the bill. These animals are far more

valuable as essential species in California’s

web of life than as skinned pelts shipped to

Russia and China.”

Read more in the Los Angeles Times.



We’re Igniting Change — Are You In?

The Center is launching Ignite Change, a massive, volunteer-driven network to challenge Trump,

call out members of Congress, organize and

attend rallies, activate locally, and be a powerful,

visible, sustained voice for the planet. This is

the single-largest grassroots project the Center

has ever undertaken — and we need you to

make it successful. Our first campaign will

focus on saving America’s public lands.

We’ll also be working to save wildlife, the

climate and a livable future for all. Are you in?

Take a moment today to join Ignite Change.


Study Highlights Need for Monarch Protection

More bad news for monarchs: A study published

in the journal Biological Conservation reports

that the butterflies’ population west of the

Rocky Mountains has plunged from 10 million

in the ’80s to just 300,000 today. Backed by

decades of data collected by the Xerces Society

and volunteers, the report estimates there’s

more than a 70 percent chance that western

monarchs will go extinct within 20 years.

While monarchs east of the Rockies migrate

to Mexico for the winter, their western

counterparts cluster on California’s coast.

In 2014 the Center and allies, including the

Xerces Society, petitioned for federal

protections for monarchs throughout their

range. The Trump administration is under

court order to decide on protections in 2019.

Learn more in ZME Science and read the study’s abstract.



Trump OKs Coal Mining in Roadless Colorado Forest

Trump’s Forest Service has given an initial OK

for Arch Coal to expand mining leases into 1,700

acres of roadless wildlands in Colorado’s Gunnison National Forest. The company wants to mine

17 million tons of coal in this pristine forest

— home to black bears, elk, beavers and lynx.

The coal would generate at least 49 million

tons of greenhouse gas pollution.

“The Trump administration is doubling down

on coal and sacrificing our climate and

Colorado’s spectacular high-country forest,”

said the Center’s Michael Saul.

Read more.

Brazil: 10 Members Of An Isolated Tribe Murdered By Illegal Miners – Please Take Action For Them – Petition.

Ten members of an isolated tribe in Brazil were reportedly slaughtered at the hands of illegal gold miners in the Amazon.


Sign this petition to demand that the government of Brazil do more to protect its tribal communities from such horrific acts of violence.

Target: Michel Temer, President of Brazil

Goal: Prosecute miners who attacked and killed rare uncontacted and isolated tribal community.

The government of Brazil under President Michel Temer has come under intense criticism for its ‘anti-Indian’ stance, following reports that yet another tribal community has been brutalized by outsiders.

In the most recent alleged attack, ten members of an uncontacted tribe were said to have been slaughtered by illegal gold miners, who later bragged about killing them and throwing their bodies into a river.

If true, it is believed that this attack may have wiped out one fifth of the isolated tribe’s entire population.


Please support this important petition – be a voice for these people – Thank you – SAV.