South Korea – Dog Meat Trade – Lots of Very Positive News.


South Korea – Dog Meat Trade – Lots of Very Positive News.

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Monumental changes are happening in Bucheon ​ to become the first “Dog Meat Free” city in South Korea

​Nami Kim and her organization shared the this story on their Facebook.

Step by step, the City of Bucheon has been taking necessary actions towards their goal of becoming the first “Dog Meat Free” city in South Korea. We are more than grateful to the Mayor of Bucheon, Man-Soo Kim, and his teams for working so hard to make this goal a reality and for their willingness in being the leader in this critical step forward in ending the dog meat trade in Korea. Nami continues to lend her support to Mayor Kim’s team by coordinating efforts and assisting the city in this historic endeavor.

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Our campaign is working. Let’s keep it going! New Sister/Friendship City Campaigns

​Every day, dear friends, millions of helpless animals – those we consider man’s best friend and who are part of our families – are being subjected to horrific cruelty while the Korean government and the majority of Korean citizens turn a blind eye. We can no longer stand silently by while these dogs suffer immeasurably in tortuous conditions and are brutally slaughtered. Please be their voice today. Please take action!

Friendship City Campaign – Gwangju, South Korea – Bathurst, New South Wales, Australia Friendship City Campaign – Yongin, South Korea – Redland, Queensland, Australia Sister City Campaign – Suwon, South Korea – Townsville, Queensland, Australia Sister City Campaign – Daejeon, South Korea – Brisbane, Queensland, Australia Friendship City Campaign – Seoul Seocho District, South Korea – Perth, Western Australia Friendship State Campaign – Gyeongsangbuk-do, South Korea – Western Australia, Australia Friendship State Campaign – Jeju, South Korea – Tasmania, Australia Friendship State Campaign – Gyeongsangnam-do Province, South Korea – Queensland, Australia Friendship City Campaign – Seoul Gangdong-gu, South Korea – Willoughby, New South Wales, Australia Sister City Campaign – Incheon, South Korea – Veneto, Italy


Urgent Call to Action – Stop the Korean Dog Slaughters’ Demonstration in Seoul!

Sharing campaign by Susan Song. ​There’s a planned protest by the Korean Dog Meat Association at the Blue House on September 22, 2017. They plan to bring live dogs in trucks to the protest in defiance of defending the dog meat trade in S. Korea. Please take the action to file protest asking Korean government to not allow this protest to taking place. Click below to take action.!____New_Call_for_Action&utm_medium=email

Update on Busan Gupo Dog Meat Market’s Cruelty Case e-people Official Korean Government Response: baffling – blame shifting – unprofessional.

We received a response from a petition submission regarding the Busan Gupo Market Cruelty Case to the Korean Government’s e-people web site; it answered none of our concerns, made little sense and shifted responsibility to other Government offices. The reply was not what we should expect from any official main government-operated site that invites comment from the public, and especially not from the Government of such a wealthy, highly educated country. The least what we should expect is a reasonable, coherent and informed response to our legitimate concerns. Click HERE to learn more.


Gunpo hears us: Mayor Kim sends response

We received a response from the Mayor of Gunpo, resulting from one of our campaigns urging their Sister City, Belleville, Ontario, Canada to speak out against the illegal dog and cat meat industries in Gunpo. We currently have two other active Sister City campaigns against Gunpo– Clarksville, Tennessee, Grant County, Washington.

We very much appreciate Mayor Yoon-Joo Kim responding to us and what he says in his letter sounds very genuine. However, it does not contain any promise of affirmative action to end the illegal dog and cat meat industries operating in his city. But we still feel our campaign to be a success as the Mayor and his Government are now well aware that people from all over the world are monitoring them and they realize that we are not going away until the dog and cat meat trades are brought to an end. We are cautiously optimistic that the Mayor will put his words into action in any future policies and decisions he makes for the animals in his city. Click HERE to learn more.


Mayor Ro of Seoul Gangseo-gu responds

We received a response from Mayor Ro of Seoul Gangseo-gu regarding our campaign “Friendship City Campaign – Seoul Gangseo-gu, South Korea – Nottingham, United Kingdom”.

We had already closed this campaign but nevertheless, it had made a positive impact by raising awareness about this issue with the City of Nottingham, as well as making Seoul Gangseo-gu aware that we are campaigning against their dog meat industry. The mayor of Gangseo-gu had stated that they will “enhance PR efforts and administrative guidance to prevent animal abuse and unsanitary distribution practices in order to do everything we can within our power.” However, he doesn’t say that he will take steps to ban the illegal dog and cat meat trade. We must keep our pressure on their government to motivate them to take action to end the horrific dog meat trade. Click HERE to learn more.


President Moon Jae-In heard our voice, literally!

Big thank you goes out to Susan Song and everyone who participated in the peaceful protest ​in New York City on September 18th.

Dedicated preparation, hard work and persistence paid off really big yesterday. Susan Song, the organizer, and the volunteer activists were face to face with the President of South Korea, Moon Jae-In as he sat in his limousine in traffic on the streets of New York City.

Click HERE to watch the videos and photos from this momentous encounter. Our big thank you goes out to Susan Song and everyone who helped out!!

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