Brazil: 10 Members Of An Isolated Tribe Murdered By Illegal Miners – Please Take Action For Them – Petition.

Ten members of an isolated tribe in Brazil were reportedly slaughtered at the hands of illegal gold miners in the Amazon.


Sign this petition to demand that the government of Brazil do more to protect its tribal communities from such horrific acts of violence.

Target: Michel Temer, President of Brazil

Goal: Prosecute miners who attacked and killed rare uncontacted and isolated tribal community.

The government of Brazil under President Michel Temer has come under intense criticism for its ‘anti-Indian’ stance, following reports that yet another tribal community has been brutalized by outsiders.

In the most recent alleged attack, ten members of an uncontacted tribe were said to have been slaughtered by illegal gold miners, who later bragged about killing them and throwing their bodies into a river.

If true, it is believed that this attack may have wiped out one fifth of the isolated tribe’s entire population.


Please support this important petition – be a voice for these people – Thank you – SAV.



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