Serbia: Update 30/9 – Dog Under Car. Dog Was NOT A Stray – Autoposy Undertaken By Vet – Microchip Fitted. Now Awaiting Police Report Of Action Against Driver.


Regarding our recent post of the dog that was run over and left by the driver of a car in Belgrade- see our post at:


The latest news is that campaigners are still waiting for the official police report.

It is known that VU Veterina Belgrade took the dogs body after the incident; and that an autopsy was undertaken.

Contrary to first reports, it turns out that the dog was NOT a stray, but instead did have a microchip which will allow the owner to be traced.

The registration number and vehicle type are also very clear from the photograph as you can see below, so there are no excuses in any of the areas to allow the police to complete their work and produce a report of the incident, including news of what action will be taken against the driver of the car.

As things are on going, we will not currently release e mails of contacts as we said we would if there was no response from the authorities by 30/9.  But unless an official police report is completed and made visible to all soon we will have no hesitation in releasing the e mail addresses of all police and authorities involved.





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