Serbia: Gunman Kills Dog From Welfare Association and Threatens To Kill Women Out Walking the Dog Also. Demand Justice for Serbian Citizens and Animals – Sample Letter and Addresses Follow.

Dec 12, 2011
Nis, Serbia

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2011, Dec 11, SERBIA – Nis.

Translated message:

A man walking through the woods near an animal welfare association, with a visible weapon. It looked as if he intended to use the weapon. Suddenly he runs against two women members of the association who have a dog with them.

He starts shooting and hits the dog, that dies of the first bullet, he shoots three more times at the dog who is now dead.

Then he threatens the women that he will kill them too.

He then disappears off. The police came, investigated and removed him.

Please help us with this, the dog and these ladies need justice for this horrific cruelty and personal attack.

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Please copy email addresses: TO, CC, and send your protest letter to help Serbian dogs!!!

Sample letter is below… thanks so much dear friends!.  Together we can make a changes for these poor souls!!!

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Ladies and gentlemen

I find out, in horror that in Serbia people can walk with a gun, and threaten other people, and shoot and kill their dog, as they please.

This terrifying act happened in Nis, Serbia, on December the 11, while two elderly women, who volunteer at the dog shelter, were on a field near the shelter with a dog.  An individual approached them with an weapon and started shooting at the dog; he killed the animal in front of these women.

Even more, as if this is not enough, he also threatened to kill them (the women) too. Then he ran away. Somehow, the police came and were able to apprehend this man, but we, people from around the world, want to let you know, that we will be following this horrible incident very closely, because apparently anybody can carry a firearm, and shoot and kill animals and threaten to kill people.

This is in my perspective an act of terror and as such this must be punished with prison time – no excuse for any less with the sentencing.

The time has come for Serbia to realize that these individuals do not help its image in the world; this kind of violent, uncontrolled hate and despicable actions should not be tolerated in a society which very much intends to be part of the EU.

This was an act of terror and this individual should be investigated.

One more important thing; Serbia, like Romania and Bulgaria; have become notorious for the barbaric way in which its animals are treated.  International public opinion vehemently opposes this attitude and this mentality; hence do not be surprised if your country will be boycotted and her image tarnished because of those who behave worst than any animal living on this planet.

Please take all the necessary measures to indict this monster who committed such an horrific act in Nis. Just as importantly, also change immediately the way the Serbian national government and its regional authorities deal with animal cruelty in Serbia.

Thank you very much for your attention.

Here are some of the pictures of this case:


Name and nationality.

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