German Meat Mafia: No 1 in the world!!


German Meat Mafia: No 1 in the world !!



We Have Moved To Another New Site. Please Come See Us.


Hi all;

we are going to keep putting post copies onto this site; but this site is really an archive now for all the years of work we have done in Serbia.  On the left side, you can view all our posts for many years.

Now we are moving on to publish articles and actions for animal issues from all around the world.

We have set up a new site which is called ‘World Animals Voice’.

You can visit it by clicking on the following link:


We hope that you will come over and visit us real soon.

This site will NOT be closing down as there is a lot of years of archive to view if you wish.

But for global animals news; please visit the new site.

Regards – Mark and Venus.