Why it is necessary to shoot cats-murder instructions from hunters!!


The electronic newspaper “Spiegel On Line is known for its conservative attitude towards animal welfare and animal rights activists.
One year ago came an interview with Anna Martinsohn, Public Relation woman of the German Hunting Association.
She wanted to explain, why she considers cats to be shooting from hunters!
She emphasizes, that she herself is a cat owner, and with that she wants to increase the effect of her conviction.

So … of a hunter, who keeps the murder of defenseless cats for species protection, we should get the following moral lesson!


However, I have to say the following in advance: In Germany, a hunter is allowed to shoot superheated pets if they are sighted 200-300 meters away from a residential area.
PETA speaks of 350,000 cats shot each year.

Anna Martinsohn assures us that … “a hunter must be 100% sure that it is a feral cat. In general, shooting is always the very last resort. “

The truth is: hunters simply shoot at anything that moves, and often, they are not even able to distinguish the hindquarters of a wild boar from that of a huntress.
Every year there are around 800 hunting accidents involving humans, many of them deadly.

To the question: But why even shoot cats?

Huntress Martinsohn has the answer: “both- the number and variety of certain birds- are due to the influence of cats – to the point of extinction, as in Australia.
Assuming two million feral cats in our country, then the number of birds killed by them is at least 14 million per year”.

The truth is: The Bavarian Association for the Protection of Birds (LBV) gives us the all-clear: Cats primarily captured sick, weak and young birds and would therefore not harm the stocks – on the contrary, they might even influence them positively, because they caused a natural selection.



Foto: LBV


Anna Martinsohn claims that: “Personally, I would find it very difficult to shoot a cat. I would prefer a box trap and bring the cat to the order office … “.

The truth is: hunters are ” high seat” killers, in Germany.
The majority shoot only sitting and from above.
It’s hard to believe that Ms. Martinsohn is walking through the woods, looking for a wild cat, bringing her into a living trap and driving her to the public security office!!!




Anna Martinsohn says: “It makes a difference for me, if I shoot a cat or a deer – just because the cat is lying on the sofa at home. I grew up with cats.
Hunters do not want to shoot cats, killing is not fun, nobody likes that.
A hunter wants only to protect species”!

The truth is: the sofa is the home of the cat, the forest is the house of the fox and all other wild animals.
If someone enters Ms. Martinsohn’s house without her permission, that is trespassing and makes himself punishable.
When Ms. Martinsohn enters the fox’s house in the forest to murder him, she calls it “Action for the Protection of Species”.

Finally, the huntress explains the allegation of PETA (“hunters are not conservationists, but an army of hobby hunters”) for baseless determination!!!

Because, so Martinsohn, “who wants to make hunting license must have 160 hours of theory and practice.
The hunter must be trained in wildlife science, nature conservation, forestry, agriculture and, of course, law and order. “

The truth is: The Internet is full of “intensive” courses for hobby hunters: in a maximum of 15 days learns one how to murder innocent beings.
And the license for the murder costs on average about 1600 euros.

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