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The dirty businness of the hunters – the Project: “Fur change”!

A nationally unique project called ” Fur change” for the processing of wild animal skins from local hunting starts with the production.

“We have the preliminary operating permit and will start work next week,” said Managing Director Frederik Daniels to the German Press Agency.
In a so-called “Pull-out station” in Rastatt (south germany), foxes, martens, raccoons, bissams and nutrias are to be stripped of their fur.

From there, the skins come to tanneries and furs, which produce pillows, fur collars and inner lining for jackets. So far, the carcasses of hunted animals were usually thrown away.

The initiators are the German Hunting Association (DJV) (of course, who else?) and the local Association of hunters in Baden-Wurttemberg.

The German Animal Welfare Association is opposed to the project: for the furs animals would have to suffer and die.

Wildlife killers as animal-protecting fur suppliers?


ARCHIVE – Two hunters transport a hunted deer on November 15, 2016 in Niedersachsen after a pressure hunt.

In the stripping room of the ” Fur change ” company, is a frozen fox and tool for processing the animal on a table.

Above the metal table dangles a compressed air pistol, which is to help with skin removal. A staff for knife sharpening and a so-called mesentery knife with a rounded tip are ready. “In order to be able to cut an animal without injuring organs such as the stomach or the intestine,” explains Frederik Daniels, Head of the Abbot Station in Rastatt, where animals – in simple terms – the coat is pulled over the ears.



25.06.2018, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Rastatt: In the subtracting room of the “Fur Change” Company lies a deep-frozen fox, and tool for processing the animal on a table.

Coat and fur go to “Fur change”, a project for the use of fur from local hunting!!!

Hobby hunters from all over Germany give for months killed animals in more than 260 delivery points nationwide for a fee. From there, the carcasses of martens, foxes, raccoons, bisams and nutrias come frozen to Rastatt. The “Pull-out Station” will start operations next week.

“So far, only about ten percent of the skins of animals from the hunt have been used sustainably,” says DJV spokesman Reinwald. “We wanted to significantly increase this number.” Buyers of fur products should have a good or at least better feeling thanks to “change of coat” than with the purchase of cheap furs.

No consent with animal rights activists

Animal rights activists have little understanding. The German Animal Protection Association is opposed to the project, says spokeswoman Lea Schmitz. The hunt itself animals add unnecessary suffering. In addition, so-called “eco furs ultimately just a label fraud at the expense of animals”. Because even for these furs animals would have to die. In addition, tanning would not only use natural substances, as it says on the website of Fell.

And anyway: Does one not normalize fur by wearing skins in public? – Do we want the demand for fur to rise again?

People wear clothes – animals wear fur.

And hunters should finally pull off the fur of the lie and the murder lust.
Their time is over.