Austria: execution of wolves in planning..


In the country, serious consideration is now being given to minimizing the wolf population.



In Tyrol there are around 68,000 sheep on 400 alpine pastures. According to the Agriculture Council, 58 animals were harmed last year (!!!) (295,000 sheep and lambs and 55,200 calves were slaughtered in 2018 in Austria, note from Venus)


“That is a rather small percentage, but the sheep farmers are unsettled,” said agricultural councilor Geisler. “But it is not so much a financial issue, it is also about the emotional stress on the farmers (!!!)

For this reason, a pragmatic approach should be chosen for this topic, which “divides society”, said the Agricultural State Council.


What is a pragmatic approach?

Four pastures were examined for the study. According to the study authors, the results range from a relatively simple feasibility of herd protection to no feasibility at all.

The costs would amount to eleven to 80 euros per sheep and year. For example, the Seeben Alm near Ehrwald would incur a total cost of 25,000 euros per year.
The biggest challenges in Tyrol are the hospitality and the change in the structure of the alpine pasture, explained Daniel Mettler from the Agridea Institute.



In Switzerland, where different legal frameworks apply than in Austria, it was seen that herd protection also had limits, said Mettler. The wolves would also learn to circumvent the measures.

“It would therefore make sense to combine the measures with targeted killings and a regulation of the wolf population,” added Mettler.

Agricultural councilor Geisler: “Wolf is no longer in danger of extinction” (!!!)

In the future, one or the other shot will be needed, said the deputy governor. In addition, the population of wolves has now grown to around 30,000.

“The wolf is no longer in danger of extinction. We have to think about the protection status,” Geisler asked.



Discussion is welcome

Geisler therefore called for a socio-political discussion. “If society wants wolves to be there, you also have to finance the measures,” emphasized the deputy governor. A pilot project for herd protection is to be started in Tyrol. “We will make offers to individual alpine pastures,” said Geisler. For the time being, however, there were no more concrete plans.

For the President of the Tyrolean Chamber of Agriculture, Josef Hechenberger, there are “still many unanswered questions” (??) after the presentation of the study, such as the financing of herd protection and the training of the staff.
However, Hechenberger welcomed “the concrete directive for legal kills.

“Herd protection without regulated launches will not work, concrete guideline for legal kills at state level is now inevitable”, says Hechenberger.



WWF strictly against shooting down

The WWF gave a clear rejection of inventory regulation.

“These are shooting fantasies,” said Christian Pichler, wolf expert at WWF. With only 30 to 35 wolves in Austria and three to four proven wolves in Tyrol, the demand for hunting is absurd. “Especially since this is not permitted under current European nature conservation law,” said Pichler.

My comment: For sure! The lust killer lobby has prevailed again. Shooting only deer, wild boar, foxes and rabbits will get boring in the long run. Nice to shoot wolves again, that’s fun !!!!

“But it is not so much a financial issue, it is also about the emotional stress on the farmers”.
Question: And if the farmer takes the sheep to the slaughterhouse, is the emotional stress gone?

“The wolf is no longer in danger of extinction. We have to think about the protection status”
Question: The harmful, destructive, and barbaric human species is not threatened with extinction either, should we start shooting?

One thing is certain, the wolf may kill beyond its needs, but usually many other forest dwellers benefit from it, i.e. an absolutely social system.
Wolfg is therefore an important link in nature’s system.
On the contrary, the human species is what the earth could do without.
The human race is that has no social role in nature.
Otherwise people could disappear from the picture without affecting the ecosystem.

No animal can be as cruel as humans.
Cruelty is not a concept from nature, this concept belongs exclusively to humans.


Mmm … one sheep..two sheeps … three sheeps …


My best regards to all, Venus


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