“That’s how we’ve always done it”


Carolin Günther (Caroletta) works as a painter and illustrator. “About Meat” is a project of the heart.



This book (“That’s how we’ve always done it”)  is something for you, if you

surreal and detailed illustrations like.
are a friend of clear words and sharp poetry.
Discrimination, oppression and violence in any form reject.

In addition, the book addresses to all who

like to pet cats and / or dogs.
Chicken nuggets find great and chick-shredding stupid.
Donate to the shelter and eat meat sandwiches.

First and foremost, the illustration book “That’s how we’ve always done it” is for everyone who does it differently.

As a young child, she saw a slaughter, heard and smelled, and soon thereafter stopped eating animals uncompromisingly. That’s 30 years ago.

Today she lives completely vegan and is a public advocate for animal rights and environmental issues. Her illustration series “About Meat” was nominated for the 2018 World Illustration Awards and featured in Greenpeace magazine.

Most of us lovingly caress their dog or cat and bite in the next moment in a roast sausage without the slightest glimmer, what’s actually in it, where it comes from, and what the animal looked like that had to die for it.

We can not make the connection between the sausage on our plate and the animal that was this time. Because the so-called useful animals are invisible.

Their killing takes place far behind closed doors.

To draw attention to this topic, Carolin Günther recently launched the art project “About Meat”. A main motive of the picture series is the categorization of animals in “inedible” and “edible”. All illustrations were created in classic handwork and follow a common design concept.

With each picture that came in the last few months, she grew with the desire to put it in book form. In cardboard picture book form.

Cardboard picture books explain the world and playfully promote the development of children. Maybe, that works for adults as well.


All pictures are from her picture book: “That’s how we’ve always done it”.

Carolin Günther http://www.about-meat.com

And I mean … such books should read children in their early age. These are books that bite and sting, although they do not receive any trace of gruesome video images.
The sooner our children learn the truth about the suffering of the animals, the greater the likelihood of alleviating this suffering of the animals.

My best regards to all, Venus

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