New Animal Site – Check It Out (Early Version).

We were recently contacted by a fellow activist named Craig, the following is part of the message sent to us:

My name is Craig — Co-Owner & President of Jet Pet Resort, and Release The Hounds. We’ve helped care for animals for over 20 years.

I’m reaching out to you today because I know your publication has touched on animal cruelty efforts in the past.

I’ve been working with a team of web developers and designers to create an animal cruelty awareness interactive, to bring awareness, and solutions, to the HUNDREDS of cases of large-scale animal cruelty all around the world. 

We’ve just launched the early version of it that you can find here:

Animal cruelty is a huge problem, as I’m sure you know, and it’s going to take a combined effort to make people aware of it, and also, informed on what they can do to combat it.

In the interactive we’ve created, we’ve included as many of the reported cases of large-scale animal cruelty as possible, and most importantly, included how the reader can contribute to fighting animal cruelty. (Where they can donate, suggested lifestyle changes, brand selection, etc.) We’re just going to keep improving and adding to it over the coming months, and years.

As a fellow animal activist, I would greatly appreciate it if you could bring awareness to this project, or a shoutout on your social platforms. If you could help share and spread this project in any way, it would make a big difference!

Thank you for taking the time,
Keep fighting! 

So, we are more than happy to give the link once again:

and we wish Craig and his team all the best in getting all that they need for the site.

As he says, this is currently an early version of the site, but it should give you a insight into what will come. We have written back to Craig and supplied him with links to both WAV and our sister site, SAV. There is a lot of archive data for both, especially on SAV which dealt primarily with stray animal issues in the Balkans. Here is the SAV link again:

We hope that you can check it all out at your convenience, and maybe even help with supplying information from your area of the world so that any of us can add info to the sites in helping animals.

Regards Mark and Venus.


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