A Polish EU-MEP shows character!!



Polish lawmaker shares image likening meat industry to Holocaust.
Sylwia Spurek pushes back against criticism with Isaac Bashevis Singer quote: ‘In their behavior toward animals, all people are Nazis’.


A drawing of cows wearing concentration camp uniforms and a yellow star, meant to compare the meat industry to the Holocaust. (Sylwia Spurek/Jo Frederiks/via JTA)


JTA — A Polish lawmaker at the European Parliament shared on social media a drawing showing cows at a slaughterhouse wearing striped uniforms with yellow stars like the ones the Nazis made Jews wear at concentration camps.

Sylwia Spurek, a 43-year-old Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats representative, shared the drawing by Jo Frederiks, an artist who focuses on animal welfare.


Sylwia Spurek (Screen capture: YouTube)


Amid criticism of her actions on the eve of International Holocaust Remembrance Day, Spurek defended them by quoting “the Jewish Nobel laurate Isaac Bashevis Singer,” as she described him, who once wrote that: “In their behavior toward creatures, all people are Nazis.”

She added about the painting: “Does this art delight me? No, it scares me how people treat other animals and I think that every intelligent person should understand the message of this artist.”

Spurek’s critics charged that the comparison she endorsed is offensive to Holocaust victims.

People involved in Holocaust commemoration and animal welfare activists often have clashed over the drawing of parallels between the genocide and the meat industry.


Image: PETA


From the Depths, a commemoration group in Poland, on Wednesday wrote to complain about Spurek to European Parliament President David Sassoli.

The group’s founder, Jonny Daniels, called it a “hateful post” and asked Sassoli to take “disciplinary actions” against Spurek and to urge her to apologize to survivors and their families.


And then… we want to criticize China for not having freedom of expression …

Thanks to the enlightened and progressive MP, Sylwia Spurek!!

My best regards to all, Venus

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  1. Specieism must end. All animals must be free. It’s 21. Century.
    MP, Sylwia Spurek, thank You !!

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