An undercover investigation about “happy cows”

Report from the blog of DirectActionEverywhere

In 2017, I entered a Land O’ Lakes dairy farm in California with a team of DxE investigators and the horrors I saw sent me on an unexpected journey.

Was this farm just an anomaly, or was this routine treatment of dairy cows and their babies?

I couldn’t understand how the dairy industry gets away with such cruelty – especially a company like Land O’ Lakes that boasts about following strict animal welfare guidelines.

I have now gone into 14 Land O’ Lakes farms in California and Wisconsin, the nation’s top dairy-producing states.

With the help of more than 20 grassroots investigators, we now have footage proving that this company routinely violates its own welfare standards, as well as animal cruelty laws.

(It was only today that I realized that the video couldn’t be seen. The meat producers didn’t like it.
Through this link, you can go to the group’s Facebook page and watch the video).


We have a 2-minute video proving that Land O’Lakes is going out of its way to mislead customers. Please watch and share on Facebook or Instagram.

We’re reporting this cruelty, reaching out to company representatives, and sharing our findings with journalists.
The Fresno Bee just published a story about our investigation findings which you can read and share here.

Don’t be fooled by false advertising about “happy cows” and “pure milk.” There is nothing happy nor pure about the dairy industry, and when we take direct action, we can expose that.

Many thanks to everyone who helped with this investigation on the ground, and to all of you supporting online.

Together, we are shattering the “humane” myth and making real progress for animal rights. If you can support this work financially, please chip in here.

Alexandra Paul (DxE)

And I mean…In order to understand that we are dealing with animal cruelty inherent in the system and that the NOT documented suffering is much, much worse, one would actually only have to add one and one together.

There is no animal welfare in the system of animal exploitation because the sentient being is degraded to a commodity.
But there can still be thousands of such videos, the meat-eater simply rationalizes this further as “blatant exception” and “individual misconduct” rightly.

And even if you point out crystal clear misunderstandings and errors to consumers, they’ll come back with their “free choice” the next time.

So, even after videos like this, doesn’t a meat-eater need to give reasons why not to be vegan?

So there is no need to provide an explanation of why animals are being forced to impregnate, imprisoned, deprived of their children, exploited, and killed when they are not productive?

Then we are dealing with a moral declaration of bankruptcy.

My best regards to all, Venus


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