A documentary from Israel: “Blood Ridged Milk”


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December 9, 2018, a documentary by Nir Galim, Central District, Israel

Glass walls…

Follow-up of the Israeli dairy industry for years resulted in most shocking discoveries that every person in Israel should know and see.

A lubricated commercial mechanism that labels the white liquid as a superfood and be promoted through physicians, nutritionists and academia and left since decades little room for doubting how usefull it is really for us.

But today we already have enough information to reveal a completely different reality that took about 55 minutes in the movie.

The documentary “Blood Ridged Milk” that refutes almost every possible myth that has been told us about the milk dairy products.

Watch and distribute to family and friends these life-saving information.

קירות שקופים

My comment:  We ourselves, or most of us, cannot torture animals. That’s why we let others do it.

With a few deviations in the cruelty level, the cruel procedure of industrial milk production remains the same in (almost) every country:

1. Load seeds into the gun
2. Fix subject
3. Insert the gun into the vagina
4. Give birth to a calf
5. Separate the calf from the mother with mental pain
6. Yields
7. Destruction in a bestial way

Without this dreadful procedure of the dairy industry, this “subject” – which is a thinking and feeling being – doesn’t give milk.
Human animal is the only animal that still drinks foreign milk in adult life.

Apart from the second-hand torture that every meat and milk consumer practices, they cooperate and support a corrupt and fascist system that is responsible for the destruction of the habitat and the existence of millions of human animals. And for the destruction of our planet too!

Either way, eating animals is not a personal choice, it is a crime.



My best regards to all, Venus


2 Responses

  1. Thank you for this valuable information. I’m going to try and get copies sent to all my contacts. Your work is the best we’ve got! Fight hard!!!
    Love, wishing you success; and personally, deepest regret I don’t have $ to help. Dawn

    • Dear Dawn,
      I thank you for your good and motivating words.
      If we want to defend the animals successfully, we need courage, perseverance and solidarity.
      It gives strength and hope the feeling that one is fighting this fight with others, determined and solidary fellow human beings!

      My best regards

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