Human supermacism is deadly!


After China’s top expert for infectious diseases warned that “pets” needed to be quarantined if they had contact with coronavirus patients, people started buying masks for the animals they live with.

But shortly after, the concerns amongst people reportedly gave way to some gruesome measures.


Officials and companies in various provinces, villages and municipalities across China were ordered by their superiors to issue the strict instructions for locals to tackle the epidemic. One village in Hebei urged all households to “deal with” their pets within five days, otherwise officials would “handle” them, reports the site

The World Health Organization (WHO), however, claimed that there is no evidence of the virus being passed onto cats or dogs.

Sadly, the panic is too great to heed any advice from the WHO and humans have always put themselves and their concerns over the lives of the rest of the animals.

There’s still the anthropocentric view that at the slightest threat to human health, we, as a species, can dispose of the fundamental rights of the rest.

That’s why we will not stop saying it until the reality tells us otherwise: non-humans are THE MOST OPPRESSED group of individuals on the planet and that is why we focus on defending their rights and changing our collective perception of them.

Be fair, be vegan.

Posted by Anonymous for the Voiceless

Best regards and good night to all, Venus


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