Serbia: Dog Murders – Sample Letter to Copy and Send to Serbian Embassies Worldwide.


Goran serbia


Here is the second letter that we ask you to send – this time to all those in Serbian embassies located around the world. If ‘your’ embassy is not listed below, then use this link to find more – but be careful – only go for Serbian embassies; others are also shown:

This letter follows on from our letter draft (for you to copy and send) to the CRC in Switzerland.

Here is the link to that (first letter) post.

We hope the content of the letter is self explanatory – it asks the CRC to intervene in the killing of the dogs in Serbia using very dangerous chemicals.

This letter (No 2) is more directly aimed at Serbia, and its embassies; asking questions about the use of such nerve agents on the streets of Serbia. Again, we hope it is self explanatory. Please copy and sent this letter far and wide if you can – Thanks.

Embassies in Serbia:


if you dont find your Country on this list, please use google and type: “name of your country ” + Embassy in Serbia , then find contact page.

E-mail blocks: for easy sending:


Sir / Madam;

You and those involved with the endless murder of animals never seem to learn, do you ?

For over 2 months now there have been mass poisoning of dogs and other animals in over 50 cities located within Serbia.

The murders have been undertaken using the poison Carbofuran. This is one of the most toxic carbonate pesticides; and exhibits toxicity mediated by the same mechanism as that of the notorious V series nerve agents and presents a risk to human health – fatalities occur with exposure to tens of milligram quantities via inhalation or absorption through skin; It is more potent than Sarin; another nerve agent with a similar mechanism of action. On such exposure, these agents severely disrupt the body’s signaling between the nervous and muscular systems; leading to a prolonged neuromuscular blockade; causing paralysis of all the muscles in the body including the diaphragm, and leading to death by asphyxiation, or a condition of deficient supply of oxygen to the body.

Carbofuran usage has increased in recent years because it is one of the few insecticides effective on soybean aphids; but as a nerve agent it presents a risk to human health. It is classified as an extremely hazardous substance in the United States; and it usage and storage are rigorously monitored and controlled.

Further, Carbofuran is forbidden by International Act of the Chemical Review Committee- banned in Canada and the European Union. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced a ban on Carbofuran because reports showed that this chemical compound killed more wildlife and animals overall than any other poison.

Are the shinters and local authorities who allow / use this aware of the destruction it can do to humans ? – are you prepared for claims and financial compensation that may be directed at you by individuals ? It can kill dogs and wildlife in a terrible way; but also humans.

If the Serbian public knew that you were undertaking the usage of this nerve agent and putting them at a health risk; or even the possibility of death; would you allow its use to continue ? As you are currently a ‘Candidate Country’ for EU membership; would the EU view your actions as good for human safety ? – I doubt very much; but regardless; they must be informed of your actions using nerve agents.

Ways in which you are undertaking the elimination of dogs is barbaric; especially as there are no kill options available, including a national sterilisation policy. But for some, adopting this strategy would mean an end to the corruption that I / we know exists in your system at present.

Poisoned dogs, cats and other animals are dying on the streets and in the parks of Serbia; children also play in parks – remember that.

Who is in direct control; and has overall responsibility for this operation and the use of nerve agents ? – the Republic Public Prosecutor and the Police Directorate do not appear to want to respond, despite having been approached about this.

As a concerned citizen I feel it is my responsibility to go ‘global’ with this and inform the world about what is being done to living things in Serbia.

Stop all killings now; and adopt a sterilisation, no kill policy.

Yours in disgust

Name –

Nationality –


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