Brazil: free beaches for baby turtles

Empty beaches – a blessing for baby turtles!


The corona pandemic is currently turning our everyday lives upside down. While we stay at home most of the day, are no longer allowed to travel or meet friends, and the economy has been shut down to a minimum, animals and nature breathe freely worldwide. In Italy you can see dolphins, in Europe the smog disappears and in Japan deer dare to enter the city (

The spectacular sandy beaches of Brazil are therefore unusually empty despite tropical temperatures.


The measures also have unusual side effects: on the coast of the city of Paulista, almost 100 sea turtle babies of the species Hawksbill turtle hatched and were able to make their way into the sea almost undisturbed.

“A total of 400 sea turtles were born on the Paulista coast in 2020, including 87 green turtles and 313 hawksbill turtles. Due to the measures to prevent the spread of the new corona virus, almost no people were present … “, says the ministry website.

There are said to be four more nests that are supposed to hatch between April and May.–ein-segen-f%C3%BCr-schildkr%C3%B6tenbabys

And I mean…That and many similar free walks of animals show how much the animals had to suffer among us humans.

Everyone stays at home! then everyone benefits from it!!

My best regards to all, Venus


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