Germany and its disabled authority


Downer cow fate again /Authorities helpless.


At a dairy farm in Schleswig Holstein, Germany, an injured Downer cow was reported to us last night.

The poor animal lay next to a road without protection. Not connected because the owner knew that she would not get up. A deceased cattle was sighted in the same place yesterday morning. Then the next victim came.


Image: SOKO Tierschutz


The condition of the animal was quickly checked. It had no access to water or food when checked. The cow was injured on the horn and one leg. A break is suspected.

It rolled her eyes in pain. How did she get there? Not without violence.


Image: SOKO Tierschutz


Then it got difficult. We informed the police that night. The first conversation with a policewoman was daunting. Because she said what would it bring if she goes out there and takes pictures?
In addition, they do not know about cows, she says (!!!)

At the veterinary office you would now reach no one at night and on Good Friday.
We then contacted the veterinary emergency call of the district of Plön.

Again, helplessness, because the veterinarian said he could not even go to the property and the best thing to do was to call the perpetrator to take care of him (!!!)

In a third phone call, we appealed to the police to go there with the vet team, secure evidence, and end the animal’s suffering in one way or another.

We particularly pointed out the danger that the animal would still be removed by force by criminal butchers and that this would cause even more suffering.


+++Update: The police informed us that they had spoken to the animal owner, who had assured that everything was fine and that the animal was only recovering after slipping.

When we asked whether it would be strange that an animal that could get up and walk again was stored right next to a busy road, there was no skepticism.

So everything is fine, again.
The animal is delivered to the keeper and his “vet-doctor” and no one is available today at Veterinary office!

Concentrated helplessness of the authorities. In what other act do the authorities want to call the perpetrator first before they go out? they march immediately because of a smashed window, but not of a smashed animal!
We have filed a complaint and a complaint and are staying tuned.


SOKO Tierschutz


And I mean…the german animal protection law says: Paragraph 2: “Whoever keeps, looks after or has to look after an animal, 1. must feed, care for and care for the animal appropriately according to its type and needs”…

Paragraph 3: “It is forbidden to enter the house to suspend or leave the company or other animal in the care of humans in order to get rid of it or to evade the obligation to keep or look after it ”!

Authorities in Germany are unwilling, unable, overwhelmed or corrupted.
Therefore animals – and especially the “useful” animals – only have the right to suffer and to die, that’s it.

Who is still involved in this shitty animal production?
The milk consumer!

Who else falls into the lie trap that the meat and milk mafia generates for its billions?
The meat and milk consumers!
They are the second-hand culprits and torturers of this fascist system.

Nobody can say “I didn’t know it” as in the time of National Socialism.
Today we know how the modern Dachau work.
Today WE have the decision to take part in the animal holocaust, or not!



“Suddenly you realize that you are part of an indescribable crime and understand that almost everyone around you wants to hold onto his complicity” (

My best regards to all, Venus

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