If One Positive Thing Comes From Coronavirus; It Could Be That The Environment Improves -and Mankind Needs To Learn From This !

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Mother Earth is having a bit of a Detox – and we think this is really fantastic. The Coronavirus / COVID has kept cars, planes and people, and their massive pollution off the streets and out of the towns and cities, and as a result, allowed the Earth to take some much needed ‘environmental medicine’ to help get itself and little better with regard the environment and cleaner air.

The pity is, that if and when it is all over; if it will ever be; huge numbers of humans will get back into their cars; board their planes, go back to their polluting jobs as if things never really changed much. If you can say one thing about the human race, it is that it never learns from its past mistakes.

Please click on the following link and read what some of the people have said.


People living in some parts of India are seeing the Himalaya mountains crystal clear for the first time in decades. This happened after the coronavirus quarantine reduced the amount of pollution in the country and helped the air clear up a bit.

Locals in the Jalandhar district in Punjab in Northern India, around 125 miles (just over 200 kilometers) from the mountains, are enjoying the majestic view. One of the people celebrating the unspoiled view is Indian cricket player Harbhajan Singh, with other Twitter users chiming in how pollution is a serious problem in India.

One person even said that this was the first time they could clearly see the Himalayas in nearly 30 years.

Researchers in New York told the BBC their early results showed carbon monoxide mainly from cars had been reduced by nearly 50% compared with last year.

Emissions of the planet-heating gas CO2 have also fallen sharply.

But there are warnings levels could rise rapidly after the pandemic.

With global economic activity ramping down as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, it is hardly surprising that emissions of a variety of gases related to energy and transport would be reduced.

Scientists say that by May, when CO2 emissions are at their peak thanks to the decomposition of leaves, the levels recorded might be the lowest since the financial crisis over a decade ago.



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