Malta: a paradise for hunting mafia


Spring hunt in Malta: Despite all protests by the nature conservation associations and from the population and contrary to the requirements of the EU Birds Directive, Malta has approved the spring hunt for quail.

From April 10th to 30th, 6,000 hunters can shoot a total of 5,000 of the endangered migratory birds.

That means the hunters go on the prowl for 20 days in order to allegedly kill less than one bird on average – a hardly credible calculation.

The actual number of birds shot is likely to be much higher. The police controls, which are always too tight, have been further reduced by the corona pandemic.

As a result, the two teams of the Committee against Bird Murder, which are currently in use in Malta, observe numerous violations of hunting and nature conservation law.

The use of banned electronic lure systems and shots at protected birds of prey, hoopoes and lovebirds are particularly widespread.

The last victim of the uncontrolled spring hunt is a kestrel, which a committee team found at Birzebuggia on Easter Sunday (photo below).

Unfortunately, the bird had to be put to sleep – its body was full of lead shot.

In our video published today, we show a whole range of violations – from bird trapping with blow nets to hunters who are illegally stalking.

It has received and confirmed information that the man works as a prison guard in Corradino Correctional Facility.

My  comment: The hunting season in Malta lasts from September to May. There is hunting almost everywhere, and the illegal poachers don’t give a shit about the police.

Since classic game on the islands has long been eradicated, the murderers’ rage is concentrated on the migratory birds.
The list of birds officially released for hunting and fishing includes, in addition to numerous songbirds, waders and waterbirds, even highly endangered species.

A blatant case of corruption when licenses are issued for endangered species.

Bird catching is a popular sport in Malta. Unlike most other fishing areas in the Mediterranean, the captured songbirds end up as caged birds, locked up in the living room of perverted “bird friends”.

In Malta’s capital Valletta there is even a large bird market every Sunday, which is even mentioned in the travel guides as a sight.

Another big advantage of the Corona is the temporary standstill of tourism in countries that have always lived from tourism. For tourism, a lot of money is usually made with animals.



My best regards to all, Venus


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