Ferdinand: the bull who wanted to live.

Happy ending: Bull Ferdinand in safety, a dramatic escape comes to a happy end.

Ferdinand, the eleven-month-old Charolais bull, was taken to a butcher for slaughter on March 30th. Here he managed to escape from the killing box and hid in the forest, near Passau, Bavaria.

He was really disappeared! An execution was imminent.

Employees from the “Erdlingshof” (a sanctuary for “useful” animals) bought the animal and started a two-week fishing campaign with two bait cattle.

The animal rights activists pursued the bull until it finally gave up and could be loaded onto a trailer.

Ferdinand is now housed on the “Erdlingshof”.

According to Johannes Jung from the “Erdlingshof” sanctuary, the catching group was under great pressure. “The community gave us an ultimatum and threatened to shoot the 300 kg bull if we hadn’t caught it by tomorrow (April 16). It was said that it was a danger to traffic.  We saw it differently, but then we started looking for him more. “

With success: The catching team discovered the young bull on the evening of April 16 and shot it with a stunning gun. Ferdinand is now housed on the “Erdlingshof”, he has already found a new friend named Ben!


Ferdinand (right)  and his new frend Ben- Image “Erdlingshof”


❤ Ferdinand! look how he lives now ❤


He used to be terrified of people. Nevertheless, he has gained so much trust that it is almost too good to be true.




And I mean…A wrong-way driver is also dangerous for traffic.
If someone drives his car in the wrong direction on the highway, the police also issue an ultimatum, and will he be shot if he exceeds this ultimatum?
No! because he belongs to the human species and has rights.

For Ferdinand, there would have been no mercy, his execution was certain, although he was still no danger to anyone.
That is the morality of the ruling species.

According to our morality, Ferdinand received no mercy.
He has acquired a right that belongs to him, the right to life. Wich belongs to all animals!

We are very happy and grateful that the animal rights activists of the “Erdlinghof” see it exactly the same way.


My best regards to all, Venus

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