Germany: Very Sad News – ‘Seppl’ Has Passed Away. RIP Seppl.

The message shown below arrived from Diana (in Germany) yesterday – 01.09/10.

It sadly informs about the death of a horse named “Seppl”.

Seppl has been ill for a while now and Diana has been keeping me informed of his condition and situation for many weeks.  Seppl had a kidney ilness which was incureable; and for all involved in his daily care and attention, it was just a matter of time and for doing the very best for him until his passing over the rainbow bridge.

During his final weeks, Seppl was given almost anything he desired.  All the food he could eat and a wide range of special treats.  But most importantly, he was given love and attention from several people who were not his direct ownner.  She deserted Seppl to go elsewhere years ago.  Seppl had many other horse friends at the stables; he was never alone.

Seppl died peacefully in his pasture area overnight.

He will be greatly missed by all the immediate team who cared and loved him on a daily basis at the stables.  And so as Diana says, I also ask you to light a candle in memory of Seppl today please.

Now gone but always a wonderful memory.

Thanks – Mark.

From Diana:

Dear all,

it is a sad day today – as most days where animals die.

Still I would ask you to light a candle for “Seppl” today – a horse I’ve gotten to know at the last stable I was at with my “Henry”.

Seppl has died last night, very likely, of kidney failure. He had been ill for a good two months now, and while all was done to help him, it became clear that his time was limited, and so he was made as comfortable as possible for the weeks/months that remained to him and those who cared for him.

Seppl lay peacefully in the pasture this morning, having passed away some time last night. We all hope that he did not suffer.

Seppl, a Haflinger gelding, was 20, very sweet and a bit of a rascal almost to the end.

Sadly, the person he loved most left him to live somewhere else a few years ago, and hence he was given into the care of Yvonne and Arek, who did their utmost to make him feel welcome and loved. It was them who were with him to the end.

Rest in peace, Seppl.



Dear Seppl,

you will stay in my heart for ever.

I love you so much and I say thank you for the wonderful years we´ve passed together. You made me so happy and I enjoyed all the time with you.

Now there is an angelpony more in heaven.

Rest in peace my lovely friend.
Yours Yvonne

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