World Day for Laboratory Animals – Cannoli.



Cannoli, a sweet and healthy golden retriever, should be enjoying comfort and safety with a loving family right now.

Instead, he’s languishing in a laboratory cage—even though Texas A&M University (TAMU) has temporarily closed because of the COVID-19 pandemic and sent students home to their families.

After a determined PETA campaign led TAMU to announce last year that it had stopped breeding dogs to be tormented in painful, pointless canine muscular dystrophy (MD) experiments, Cannoli was made available for adoption. But now he’s been taken off the list and transferred to another laboratory, where his suffering will continue.

Experimenters have been confining dogs with debilitating canine MD to barren cages and tormenting them in painful tests for more than three decades—which hasn’t yielded a single treatment that reverses symptoms of MD in humans.

Crude, cruel tests on animals waste lives and resources when researchers should be focusing on actually helping humans, and now, even the most stubborn companies, institutions, and government agencies are finally changing their tune. For example, the National Institutes of Health has taken a potential COVID-19 vaccine straight to human trials—without waiting for a lengthy animal-testing phase, paving the way for cruelty-free research in the future.

PETA is leading the charge to spare dogs horrible lives in laboratories and breeding mills, end crude “fright” experiments on monkeys, stop the terrifying forced swim test on mice, and promote the development and use of animal-friendly, human-relevant testing methods and technology.

When we started our campaign against canine MD experiments, TAMU experimenters had nearly 100 dogs in their clutches and were intentionally breeding them to develop symptoms of the disease. Today, after our determined online activism, our demonstrations, our lawsuits, the help of MD patients and 500 physicians, and more, the school has ended its breeding program, and fewer than 30 dogs are still suffering there. We’re making huge progress—but we must keep pushing to cross the finish line, because TAMU is still treating Cannoli and dozens of others like disposable lab equipment rather than the sensitive individuals they are. Animals deserve better.

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