Germany: The execution of the wolves is canceled

A while ago we reported on the minister’s shameful decision in Lower Saxony, Germany.

Under great pressure from the farmer and the hunter, three wolves are to be released for shooting, one of which was a female, pregnant wolf. (

I received very good news today:
The North German Broadcasting (NDR) is reporting that no wolf is being shot in Lower Saxony for the time being.

Minister Lies is thus following a “request from the Lüneburg administrative court,” it says.

The Society for the Protection of the Wolf filed a lawsuit against this exception for the execution of the three animals in Lower Saxony and filed a complaint about the shooting of protected animals.

And it worked!

And I mean..Shortly before the decision to execute was made, the Federal Environment Ministry stated clearly and publicly: “The wolf remains strictly protected”!

Shortly afterwards and with a view of Lower Saxony came the press release that the three “problem wolves” are released for shooting.

The “exemptions” had been launched under pressure from farmers and hunters with “favorable” changes in the Federal Nature Conservation Act.

The Minister gave the argument that not just one but two wolf packs were involved in “multiple tears of (allegedly) adequately protected farm animals”.

IIt is so easy today to execute another animal if it tries to survive.
Farmers and corrupt politicians always find an excuse for this.

The farmers will slaughter their animals anyway and get compensation for any loss.

But as long as the farmers slaughter their animals for the money, that’s meat production.
If a wolf tears up a sheep, it is a problem wolf.

At least we won the fight for the lives of these three wolves this time.
We are very happy about it!!

My best regards to all, Venus

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  1. Hunters who do not have natural weapons because they are not natural hunters are fake hunters. Animal farmers are fake producers of human food, cheaters who cheat people’s meat, milk, eggs. Vividectors — are False scientists who lack knowledge of genetics. All three groups are cheats, criminals and all deserve the legalization of the death penalty. ASAP., all over the world.

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