Harmony Fund: It’s All About Your Heart. Please Become A Supporter Now.


We have a monthly standing order with the Harmony Fund which provides animal rescue and food services around the world to those in need. We have a passion to help stray animals in Serbia; and we make the request that our donation goes to helping Serbian animals. As you can see below, it gives us great pleasure to know that many Serbian animals, and lots of others, are being helped to get food via the Harmony Fund membership scheme.


If you can become a Harmony member and give a donation to help feed animals in need then please click on the link to sign up, or give a one off donation.

In their own words:


The Harmony Fund


The Harmony Fund offers a lifeline to so called “underdog” animal rescue squads across the planet. Our partners are the small but incredibly courageous and effective animal rescue teams who operate in parts of the world where funding is very hard to come by. Our supporters are helping us to dramatically impact the capacity of these rescue teams to touch thousands upon thousands of animals who might otherwise be unreachable.

Gratitude and respect are at the cornerstone of our relationship with our supporters. We do not expose our supporters to graphic photos of animal suffering or distribute dire forecasts about animal suffering. Instead we focus on a spirit of joy and determination as we pursue essential operations to provide food, veterinary medicine, shelter and protection from cruelty for animals worldwide.

Home page – https://harmonyfund.org/

Here is a video which shows the amazing work done by Harmony to get food to animals in need. We are very pleased that our monthly standing order helps to put food into hungry little mouths. Stray animals don’t ask for anything; survival is their daily aim, and by helping them with the basics such as food you will be helping to make their daily lives just a little easier

Harmony Fund Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/HarmonyFundAnimalRescue/

Watch some amazing videos by clicking on this link – https://harmonyfund.org/videos

Today we have so much to be grateful for and it’s all because of you. The last several weeks have been transformational as we locked arms with rescue squads internationally to provide food for thousands of animals in shelters and on the street.

The rescuers typically start before dawn to prepare meals for the animals who wait for them on the street, in warehouses, on the grounds of cemeteries and at the edge of the forest.

The folks we work with don’t have uniforms or nice vans with a logo painted on the side. They are running a bare bones mission using the most meager of resources, yet they are saving lives hand-over-fist. Over and over again, they tell us how astonished they are that people from far away are helping. Our aid means the difference between them being able to feed the animals once a week and being able to feed them every day.

All the images you see below are as a direct result of your contributions. Today we send out special thanks to our monthly donors who truly move mountains.

We hope all of you will enjoy this small update on our work.



Regards Mark


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