U.S.A: Stop Murray’s monkeys tortures

She saws open her victims’ skulls then injects toxins to burn brain cells, or suctions out parts of the brain. She sews them back up then places them in a small cage that probably reeks of the previous victim’s fear.

She then deliberately provokes their worst fears, just to see how they’ll react.

When she’s through with them, she kills them.

She’s Elisabeth Murray, and she calls herself a scientist.


Her victims are monkeys. She gets millions of your tax dollars to keep repeating this horror.

PETA has obtained 43 hours of never-before-seen video of Murray’s twisted “emotional responsiveness” tests on dozens of monkeys at a National Institutes of Health (NIH) laboratory in Bethesda, Maryland.

The videos were recorded between February 2016 and November 2017.

Blood money and lots of it, for nothing…

….This is not how we succeed. Take action now: Join PETA honorary director and Hollywood A-lister Anjelica Huston, who wrote a letter asking that the funding for these cruel experiments stop, and let NIH know that you won’t stand for this pointless cruelty.

Please use the form below to demand that our government stop these experiments and immediately shut down this lab!



For more…at https://worldanimalsvoice.com/2020/07/06/u-s-a-stop-murrays-monkeys-tortures/


My comment: It is hard to believe that governments leave the research in the hands of such money-hungry dilettants.

Obviously, the animal testing system with all its consequences for humans and animals is out of control.
Animal testing is senseless, expensive, dangerous, and cruel.

And the worst thing: this shit is financed with our money without asking us.

The alternative methods have not yet been implemented, but let’s say this: Animal research is not going well, more and more companies are committed to animal-free research.

We are uncompromising against animal testing.
A bad, cruel method remains a bad cruel method.

We have to be patient and persevere, participate in petitions and demonstrations, remain active against this senseless torture.

My best regards to all, Venus


One Response

  1. She’s a socially applauded serial killing sadist. Honestly, how do people get away with this? If you claim to care for humans by torturing animals, you don’t care for anyone but yourself and gratifying your own deviant desires: if animals are biologically similar enough to humans to legitimatize testing on them, then they are similar enough to humans to make testing on them UNETHICAL since they are unable to consent, and if you cannot say “no” you cannot say “yes”.

    And for those who are not aware, it is 100% legal in the US to *intentionally deny pain relief* in vivisection when it is considered detrimental to “legitimate” testing results.

    Just utter barbarism.

    Signed, thank you.

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