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A week after the reopening of Tönnies, there is apparently another wave of corona infections.

Even the virus is amazed at how quickly it worked.


Regards and good night from Venus


Germany: Feces and fur residues in the meat

Do you remember the scandal in the slaughterhouse of the German pig baron Tönnies?


After a corona outbreak with hundreds of sick employees (most of them from Eastern countries), the Tönnies plant in Rheda-Wiedenbrück had to close for weeks. Now there is bad news again.

A cold store of Nagel Transthermo GmbH in Dissen, Germany, was cleared due to a rat infestation.

Meat from the Tönnies company was also stored there. The animals had apparently been active and able to reproduce there unhindered for more than 5 months.

Been active?


Yes!! the meat was cut up there, i.e. a real cutting plant.

Local newspaper journalists wanted to know more. The local newspaper asked more closely, and the spokesman for the Tönnies Group admitted that the cold store was “used sporadically (!!) to a limited extent, for example for storing goods”.

In a press release dated July 22, 2020, the Osnabrück Administrative Court announced:

“In view of the photos submitted and according to the findings made by the specialist company for pest control, there is no doubt that the products which were produced therefrom the cut-off date are unsuitable for consumption.

Fecal pills, walking paths, fur remains and signs of nest building in the rats were found to an extent that indicated a very large rat population”.

But it gets interesting when you take a closer look at the data !!
Because obviously this problem had been known since January.


for more…at


And I mean …Well, thank God I cover my purchase of meat products in a village shop”, a commentator wrote.

Naturally! Anyone who still consumes meat after all the reports from the recent past cannot be scare off by the few rats …..

The meat scandals are not getting smaller, the greed for profit and the shamelessness are becoming clearer.
Slaughterhouse workers are exploited, consumers cheated and endangered, but the real victims are the animals.

Just stop lying to yourself and don`t support this shit financially. Don’t buy it.
Not to caress your conscience or to make you feel better, but because it’s the right thing to do.


My best regards to all, Venus

France launches a referendum for animals.

Flag of France, hand drawn watercolor illustration



From CIWF, London:

France launches a referendum for animals.

On the 2nd July, France launched the first Shared Initiative Referendum for animals in the country’s history.

We joined journalist Hugo Clément and some of France’s most-prominent business leaders in launching the Initiative. Alongside other organisations and numerous high profile individuals, we are attempting to transform animal legislation in France.

The Shared Initiative Referendum calls for six measures to protect animals.

These measures consist of a series of bans on:


  • fur farming,

  • hound hunting and other “traditional” hunting methods such as bird traps,

  • live wild animal shows,

  • animal research where alternative research methods can be followed,

  • caged farming from 1 January 2025,

  • factory farming by 2040. This measure also includes an immediate moratorium on any new intensive animal farms; any new farm planning permissions will have to guarantee animals have outdoor access.

Léopoldine Charbonneaux, our Director of CIWF France said: “We are honoured to be a part of this referendum. Alongside our partner organisations, we could end the cage age in France and become one of the first countries to bring in a ban on the building of new intensive farms, bettering millions of farm animals lives.”

A Shared Initiative Referendum allows citizens to change the law.

It requires four million signatures to be gathered within nine months of its launch, and needs to be endorsed and submitted by at least 185 members of the French Parliament. It’s a participatory democracy tool, similar to the End the Cage Age European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) we launched in September 2018.

With more than 1.5 million signatures, the End the Cage Age ECI has been the most successful ECI for farmed animals. Such a huge wave of support proves that the welfare and protection of animals is a priority for citizens on a national and European level and, therefore, it should also be a priority for national Governments and EU Institutions.



Find out how close each country is across Europe to a 100% cage-free future and how you can help End the Cage Age.

EU: How is the exotic pet trade (un) regulated across the EU? Our report has been updated.


Exotic pet trade urgently needs regulation: Europe needs “Positive ...

How is the exotic pet trade (un) regulated across the EU? Our report has been updated

22 July 2020


An updated overview of the legislation on exotic pets in the Member States is now available on Eurogroup for Animals’ website.

The report, whose first version was published in 2013, analyses the national legislations regarding the keeping and sale of exotic pets in the Member States, as well as the UK, Switzerland and Norway.

The report exposes  the large diversity of legislation between the countries, which leads to enforcement issues and disruptions of the European internal market. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic further highlights the importance of more control of the species present in and entering the European territory.

For these reasons, and because of the exploding trend in the keeping of non-domesticated pets, Eurogroup for Animals is calling for the adoption of an EU-wide Positive List  clearly stating which animal species are allowed to be kept and sold as pets. This system has already been adopted in five Member States,  four more than in 2013 when the first version of the report has been published. Its adoption at EU level would  have a positive impact on animal welfare, human health, EU and global biodiversity conservation, as well as on the functioning of the internal market.

Eurogroup for Animals takes the opportunity to thank our members for their input and support with the publication of this report.

End the global trade of wildlife
Wild pets » ENDCAP

USA: Emergency: Stop the Senseless Killing of Washington’s Wolves.


From the Wolf Conservation Center:

Emergency: Stop the Senseless Killing of Washington’s Wolves

As you read this, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) sharpshooters are taking to the sky to find and kill another endangered wolf – a member of the Wedge wolf pack – in response to depredation of cattle on grazing lands in Stevens County.

WDFW currently has an active kill order for the Togo wolf pack as well.

Science shows that killing a wolf can increase the risk that wolves will prey on livestock in the future. It is counterproductive and unsustainable.

Yet WDFW has resorted to killing wolves living in this same spot rugged forest land for years. In fact, they killed the original Wedge pack in 2012 for the very same reason. The original Wedge pack was accused of preying on livestock in the Colville National Forest eight years ago and, under Washington’s wolf management plan, the state opted to issue kill orders in an attempt to protect the livestock. The state killed the entire family of six state endangered wolves.

In the eight years since the original Wedge pack was destroyed, not much has changed. Livestock owners still graze their cows on rugged, forested public lands that are better suited for native ungulates, and WDFW is still killing wolves to benefit the profit margins of private businesses. In fact, 26 of the 31 state-endangered wolves that have been killed since 2012 were shot on behalf of the same livestock operator.

While it’s too late to protect the other 31 endangered wolves WDFW has gunned down since 2012, other Washington wolves still need our help.

Please take action to respectfully call on WDFW Director Kelly Susewind to immediately end the assault on Washington’s wolves.


  • Governor Jay Inslee

  • Director Kelly Susewind

Take Action:

Well worth your support – read more at: