Slavica – A Campaigner Friend Lost Today. 

for Slavica Mazac-Bešlić

Slavica has made the world a better place for animals.

If her animal friends knew she isn’t there anymore, they would come to her deathbed and cry.

She did a lot for them and she would have continued to do so even though her strength had already given way.
Because she knew it:  the best motivation for not giving up is to continue doing everything to reduce animal pain and suffering.

The world is poorer after the death of such people.
They have not only consumed goods and generated garbage, but they have done something worthwhile for those who have no rights, for the defenseless.

They never betrayed their friends, the animals.
They are people who have done their best, everything they could, and if they had one more life to go, they would give it to make this world a better place for the animals.

“It’s not about the theoretical question of whether life has meaning. It’s about the practical question of what meaning we give it” said Margit Spira
Slavica had given the right meaning to her life.

We are sad, infinitely sad.
We promise that we will continue the fight and, like you, will do everything we can for those you loved and protected, for the animals.

R.i.P. Slavica

your blog friends and Venus