France: the liberation of 7 foie gras ducks

Around July 3, 2020, in France, we, anti-speciesist activists, managed to exfiltrate 7 ducks from a foie gras farm and place them where they will never be considered as anything but people again.


We were dropped off near the farm where these ducks were kept. The driver then drove away with the car, because parking for a long time in the middle of a usually deserted road at night we knew that we risked attracting the attention of a police patrol or other people who could have passed by.

We then crossed crop fields to avoid passing in front of the house of the humans who are exploiting them …

When we finally arrived at the place where the duck shelters are, we came face to face with… nothingness. The shelters were empty…

There was no noise. No more presence. The shelters we were targeting were those of the ducks who were not yet force-fed… and obviously, we were too late.

We wondered if we should go and see the force-feeding building, which was much closer to the house of their oppressors. As we walked towards it, we could also see that one of their windows was lit. The operation then seemed difficult.

Looking around, despite the almost complete darkness of the night, we thought we saw something that looked like a shelter, further away from the others.

As we got closer we started to smell the droppings, typical of birds breeding. When we inspected the door to see if it was locked and not equipped with an alarm system, we heard the flapping of the wings of something like 40 birds panicking.

We finally found them. Well… those who had not yet been subjected to the force-feeding torture or the horror of their killing.

Several of us went inside to catch the 7 ducks to whom we had previously found a family. They then had no idea that we would take them to a place where they would no longer be considered anything other than what they are: people who should have the right not to be exploited, dominated, tortured, or killed needlessly.

We almost had to jump on them because they were so suspicious, strong, and absolutely not ready to cooperate. It is a shame that this is not enough in the face of their oppressors and that there is a need for activists like us to get them out of their hell…

After catching everyone, we contacted the person in charge of the transport by walkie-talkie so that he/she would come back to pick us up at the meeting point.

On the way back, the ducks were terrified and glued to each other to reassure themselves.

Only we knew that afterward, it would be better for them.

Only we knew that they were part of those who would live, opposed to all those who were, are and will still be in farms and slaughterhouses after this day, until the abolition of Speciesism.


(original text in french):

Aux alentours du 3 juillet 2020, en France, nous, activistes antispécistes, avons réussi à exfiltrer 7 canards d’un élevage de foie gras et les placer dans un lieu où ils ne seront plus jamais considérés comme autre chose que des personnes.


For more… at


And I mean…A tube is rammed into the animals’ throats up to 6 times a day, through which they are fed with lard and corn so that the liver swells to 10 times its natural size within a very short time.

Mechanized systems force-feed around 400 animals per hour!
The animals have to live in small cages during their desolate life, which consists only of stress and agony.

Towards the end of their far too short life, the animals can no longer walk due to their high-fat content, because their bodies have become so heavy that they can no longer carry them with their legs. They also suffer from constant asphyxiation, which is caused by overfat.

Since the male chicks put fat on the ducks and geese faster, only these are “needed” for the foie gras production. Therefore, the female chicks are shredded and ground just a few hours after birth.

Foie gras belongs to the “national and gastronomic cultural heritage” of France – this is enshrined in the Agriculture Act!!

On behalf of the animals, many thanks to the liberators of the animals.

My best regards to all, Venus

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