England: Share our dramatic End Factory Farming short film.



Share our dramatic End Factory Farming short film

Mark, join our second action and help expose what’s happening behind the closed doors of one of Britain’s worst pig farms

We confronted the owner of this place, watch to see what he had to say for himself!

It’s vital to the pigs at Flat House Farm that we get our film seen by as many people as possible!! So please share our video far and wide. 

No matter whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, or a meat-eater, you are sure to agree that this cruelty has to end!

Shocked by those conditions? 
Send us a quote or, even better, a reaction video of your friends after they’ve watched our film! Ask them how it makes them feel to see this and what shocked them most. 

Thank you for helping Viva! to End Factory Farming Before It Ends Us with our huge week of action.



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