Medical University of Vienna leaves 100 mice to starve

“The Medical University of Vienna is the largest medical school in Austria, is one of the most important research institutions in Europe and provides the entire medical staff for the Vienna General Hospital in Vienna”, so we read in Wikipedia.

And yet an animal experiment scandal reached us that left every civilized and empathetic person speechless: This university lets mice starve!

In a restricted-access breeding laboratory of the Med Uni Wien, at least 100 animals died of starvation due to serious neglect of care!

According to the Association against animal factories” (VgT):

“After corona research has provided the latest evidence of how “inefficient and unnecessary animal experiments are”, now the latest evidence of how brutal the animal experiment industry is and how clever its marketing is.

Around 100 mice are said to have starved and died of thirst due to insufficient supply – there are also other supply shortages in the room.
“Tierschutz Austria” has filed a criminal complaint.

“It’s terrible – these little mice are already housed in a most unsuitable manner anyway. Starving and dying of thirst in this way is incredibly cruel. It’s a real scandal,” said VGT campaigner Roland Hoog.

In 2019, according to the latest animal experiment statistics1, 205,858 mice were used for animal experiments.

94,180 mice – almost half – were used for so-called basic research.

“Above all, animal experiments out of pure curiosity of the researchers hide behind this name – there are no relevant possible applications for the results,” criticizes Hoog.

The VGT calls for comprehensive education and significant improvements in the housing and management of animal care.

“Mice do not starve or die of thirst overnight. Apparently, there must have been a comprehensive lack of care and control,” says Roland Hoog.

If the Medical University of Vienna is serious, it should show responsibility towards animals and society: animals, society, and patients have earned modern human medicine and not senseless animal sacrifices.

The NAT (= Network Address Translation) database with over 300 established methods that do not involve animal experiments shows that animal experiments are not necessary.

There are better methods that clearly advance research, safety testing, and drug development.

Instead of investing 30 million in the new building of a retro project from which only the animal testing industry benefits, the Association against animal factories” calls for the establishment of a research center to research and evaluate alternative methods that are free of animal suffering.

And I mean…They weren’t even able to take care of a few mice?
And they want to convince us that we have to entrust them with bigger tasks?
Should we leave our health to their hands?
Should we give them full confidence that they can save us from disease?

This department should be closed immediately.
And the “responsible” ones – these full-idiots without competence and conscience – must be dismissed.

My best regards to all, Venus

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