The miner fox-Berlin’s first fox with an Instagram account!!

Foxes are now part of the Berlin cityscape – but one fox has been attracting particular attention for months: the miner fox.

With thousands of followers on Instagram and various regional press reports, the miner fox is probably the best-known four-legged friend of its kind in the capital.

Now the red fox is also an ambassador for a campaign against the hunt for foxes.

He is Berlin’s first fox with an Instagram account.
The miner fox as an ambassador for PETA shows that hunting is not necessary.

The trusting fox from Bergmannkiez in Berlin-Kreuzberg has his own Instagram profile.

For some time now, the fox has made Bergmannstrasse in Berlin-Kreuzberg his home: day and night he explores the area, observes what is happening, looks curiously into house entrances, and occasionally relaxes lazily in the midday sun.

Since May 2020, a resident (who wants to remain anonymous) has been taking pictures of him regularly on Instagram. When the animal sat under its balcony every night in the summer, the photographer decided to publish the photos.

The fox poses photogenic in the street, on sidewalks, and in house entrances.

The miner fox shows – contrary to the claims of many hunters – that the animals can live peacefully next to us humans even without hunting, without the fox population getting out of control.

Since the first picture at the end of May, almost 2,700 users have subscribed to his account. The reactions to the photos were mostly positive – especially the restaurateurs in the Kiez liked the pictures.

The photographer also knows his neighborhood much better now!!

As great as the temptation is to lure and stroke the foxes in the city with snacks: Foxes are not cuddly toys, but wild animals that can get their own food.

So if you are out and about on Bergmannstrasse, with a little luck you can spot, admire and take photos of the Berlin influencer – but petting or feeding him is not a good idea.

And I mean…Foxes are now sneaking undisturbed through parks and gardens. Wild rabbits hop over green areas. Beavers swim in lakes and canals. Squirrels do gymnastics and frolic through the trees.

Raccoons, martens, and wild boars unsettle and fascinate young and old alike. And first of all the many birds: Berlin is not only home to just under 3.8 million people and their pets, but also countless wild animals – more than in the surrounding area.

And the last ones now have all the freedom because of Corona!

The wild animals become real city animals; if you study them a little, you will learn and see with your own eyes the most amazing things:

Crows, which let crack their nuts in front of driving cars…
wild boars, which lead their newborns across the street at intersections…
foxes, that steal eggs…

Animals experience as many exciting things as we humans do every day.

And the most exciting thing is that Corona taught us how to coexist.

My best regards to all, Venus


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