Mink buried in mass graves may have contaminated groundwater in Denmark.

Mink buried in mass graves may have contaminated groundwater in Denmark

18 December 2020

Millions of mink massacred and buried in mass graves in Denmark due to coronavirus fears may have contaminated the groundwater — as parliament announced it would probe the ordeal.

Officials determined last month that all of the country’s more than 15 million mink would need to be slaughtered, after a mutated version of COVID-19 — with the potential to weaken the effectiveness of vaccines — was discovered in fur farms and factories. 

Authorities, who could not handle incinerating so many dead animals at once, instead buried many of them just three feet deep in a military training field in West Jutland, The Guardian reported

Some have even risen from their graves like zombies, propelled by gases released during the decomposition process.

As a result of the mass burials, groundwater in the area may have already been polluted by the carcasses of the furry critters, local station Radio4 reported, citing a study for the environmental protection agency.

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