for the new year…

Dear friends,

Another year of cruelty to animals is over and a new year of cruelty to animals begins.

If we honestly and disillusioned draw a balance about the facts in animal welfare for the old year, we should admit that every crime was allowed and every crime was possible again.

So we can safely assume that it will again be a fascist-coordinated dance of death for the animals, led by a disinterested majority of society together with corrupt governments.

And yet we are determined to continue our struggle.

Because of our experience we know:
who fights can lose
who does not fight has already lost

But in view of the ever stronger and legalized violence from the side of the rulers, tactics, and methods are required and we have to rethink this.
We have to act more courageously, more directly, and more massively.

And there’s one thing we don’t have to ignore: we have to stay united.

I wish that to every one of us for the coming year.

My best wishes and regards to all, Venus


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