Flanders ban the cruel “Ponny Carousells”- Super!

Action alliance – animals do not belong to the circus


A “wild animal ban” has been in effect in circuses in Belgium since 2014.

Now the “fun” on the back of little horses that have to go around in circles for hours will soon come to an end.

After the Brussels and Wallonia regions, Flanders has now also banned pony riding at trade fairs and annual markets

This means that this old-fashioned “attraction” will be banned across Belgium from 2023 after a corresponding transition period.
The operators of the pony carousels are to receive compensation.

It is time to sensitize parents and children to the quiet suffering of animals and to show that there are species-appropriate ways to show children the “happiness of the earth on horseback” – with respect for animals.

The pony carousel is not an authentic riding experience anyway. Parents who want to give their children an authentic experience of the horse are certainly better advised to visit a pony farm. With the prospect of it, many a whining child can be distracted from the pony carousel.


And I mean…Pony carousel! the underrated cruelty to animals.
According to the guideline, the animals are allowed to do their stupid, monotonous laps for four hours.

No, they are not allowed, they have to!
If someone talks about love for animals, he has to learn the term again.

An anachronistic entertainment genre that not only means immense suffering for the animals circling for hours on end and circling to the point of complete exhaustion, but also makes people insensitive and teaches children disastrous things about animals.

These circling child slaves – “riding ponies” run in circles for hours, usually even at high temperatures, and are treated with violence and brutality by their slave owners.

And German? it keeps sleeping!

Not only wild animals are still allowed in the circus, but we also still use pony carousels as an attraction.

A year ago there was an online petition to stop pony riding at a Christmas market – over 27,000 people signed up.

Without success, because the veterinary office allowed pony riding, the petition was hopeless.

It is a shame that animals are still allowed to be abused for dull entertainment in this country.

My best regards to all, Venus


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