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EU sends sick cattle to Libya

Report ofAnimal Welfare Foundation”

🚨 Yesterday evening (February 13th) we received the news that sick cattle from the EU have been detained on board the animal transport ship Elbeik for almost two months.

Elbeik in summer 2020, Tarragona animal export port (Spain).

Bluetongue has been detected in some animals. The animals were therefore not allowed to be unloaded in the destination country Libya.

Since then, the ship has stopped in several countries and unloaded some of the 1,800 cattle originally loaded.

But there are still animals on board. The captain and crew are desperate.

They no longer have enough food and water for the remaining animals.
Last night our teams informed the responsible EU and port authorities.
We are working flat out to free the cattle.

Our teams document the loading of European animals onto the transport ship Elbeik.

Conditions on the Elbeik are no exception.

Animals from the EU suspected of having the bluetongue virus were also detained on the ship Karim Allah in December.

Both cases clearly show that the legally required emergency plans do not work for live animal exports by ship.

The animals bear the costs. That is why we call on the EU Commission to stop torture transports immediately!

And I mean… Report from Libya:

London, 26 January 2021:

The ship, Elbeik, carrying unhealthy livestock was ejected out of Tripoli port yesterday under armed patrol, Tripoli’s Interior Ministry reported yesterday.

This came after Libya’s National Centre for Animal Health (NCAH) had announced Saturday (23 January) that it had refused to approve the entry of two shipments totaling 2,671 cattle. The livestock shipments had arrived at Tripoli port earlier in January.

The violating shipments of cattle were on board the ship “Karim Allah” carrying 895 calves, and Elbeik carrying 1,776 calves.

The NCAH, part of the Tripoli Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Marine Wealth, had said that the reason for the rejection is the shipment’s violation of the general health and veterinary conditions.

It had added that it subjects all shipments of live animals imported from abroad to control, from the time they leave the country of origin until they reach the Libyan ports.

It had stressed that only healthy animals and their products are allowed to be tested to see their conformity.

Yesterday, the Interior Ministry said the Elbeik left Tripoli port with its full shipment to Spain, where the patrols of the General Administration of Coastal Security and the patrols of the Coast Guard were coordinated with the Tripoli Maritime Port Security Directorate to accompany the ship until it had left the Libyan territorial waters.

It stressed they were ready to ‘‘take the necessary actions in case of violation’’.

No mention was made of the “Karim Allah” carrying the rejected 895 calves.

The biggest offense from the beginning was to transport sick animals in order to earn money with them.

We don’t know which EU country the animals come from, we only know from the Lebanese press that they are loaded in a port in Spain.
Someone there confirmed that the animals are healthy and fit for transport, even though they were not.
Who wants to do his job right and controls 2,600 cattle?

And that’s what happens in the EU!
In the EU, whose countries call themselves civilized.
With the best animal transport protection law in the world.
Where almost no one adheres to this law.

So we don’t need an EU.
It’s a corrupt, animal-hostile corporation, nothing more.

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put an end to speciesism

cruelty to any being is the same
the only difference is the victim

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