The sea bat with the red lips

The red-lipped sea bat is an arm-fin fish with arm-like pectoral fins.

This bony fish is native to the Caribbean, the West Atlantic, and around the Galapagos Islands because it prefers shallow waters.
You can find this bat at a depth between 3 and 76 m.
It lives on coasts and estuaries, generally in the sandy bottoms of the reefs.

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This fish has a maximum length of 20 to 40 centimeters.

Its triangular shape makes the fish’s body and head look like they’ve been crushed.
It has a large head and its body is covered in scales, hair, and bumps.

The lower part of the body is light, the upper part is dark to camouflage yourself from possible predators.
So it can be mistaken for the color of the seabed.


The bright red lips are very characteristic.
It is believed that these are used for sexual attraction within the species.

The lips have a downward curve on the sides, so the red-lipped sea bat always looks upset.

Despite being an aquatic animal, this sea bat is not a great swimmer.
It crawls awkwardly across the ocean floor with its pectoral fins.

These animals are carnivores, they feed on other small fish.
Marine invertebrates such as crustaceans and mollusks are also part of their diet.

According to the IUCN, the red-lipped sea bat is not endangered.
It owes this to its habitat because the seabed has been spared the direct influence of humans.

And I mean…With such sensual lips, there are definitely no mating problems under these species!

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“The last Kiss”

This could be the title of this photo of the two wedding doves because it is very likely that it will actually be their last!

Why? you ask yourself, the little animals were released for the wedding spectacle in freedom!!
We will explain it to you briefly:

Wedding doves, white doves or doves of peace, whatever you may call them, are raised by breeders just for that one day when they are supposed to offer an unforgettable spectacle to a wedding party and a wedding couple, as a symbol of eternal loyalty of the bride and groom!

But nobody sees the suffering behind it!

First comes the rearing!
This is done by default in absolute captivity, to small cages and isolation from the outside world!

Until the big day when they are supposed to serve as symbols for unsuspecting lovers!
The merciless breeder, who normally already knows about the fate of his pigeons, is of course silent out of greed for profit!

The animals are sold to the wedding couple for the wedding ceremony as a token of their eternal loyalty and then released into the air (and apparently) in their freedom!

 And this is exactly where the real martyrdom begins!

These wonderful birds are missing something that city pigeons possess, namely urban survival instinct!

They fly away and due to the lack of orientation, because they were previously only kept in cages, they will lose themselves and from this moment their death throes begin.

They know neither other people than their propagator, nor the environment and other animals!
The impressions that are now offered to them will deeply disturb them, but they will remain trusting!
This can be fatal for them in two ways!

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And I mean...Wedding pigeons are pets in the strict sense of the word, for whom the “given freedom” is in many ways fatal

The relatively new custom, which is currently a real boom on the Internet and a lucrative business, guarantees cheesy and beautiful photos: the happy couple with pigeons in their hands or the bride in a white dress amid a flock of white pigeons that fly out of a basket.

In contrast to carrier pigeons, wedding pigeons are not allowed any training flights before their big performance.

The reason for this is: White pigeons are particularly often attacked by birds of prey. Therefore, breeders prefer not to release the animals until the deal is closed and the feared loss has already been paid for.

In order to ensure a return of the pigeons, breeders use incredibly cruel methods.
With the “widowhood or nesting method”, monogamous pairs of pigeons and parent animals are forcibly torn from their offspring, which is associated with immense stress for the animals.

But the chance of a successful flight home is very slim for these animals, who know nothing but cages, despite this traumatically induced “motivation”.

Actually, the whole spectacle is nothing more than a devious method to earn a lot of money with the suffering of the wedding pigeons and must therefore be banned!

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