Must See Documentaries of 2020 – From Stacey at ‘Our Compass’.

As always; we had a great link through from Stacey at ‘Our Compass’.

In her latest to us, there is a lot of info, from glimpses into the world of farm investigations to a prediction of the state of the world in 30 years’ time, a round-up our pick of short films and documentaries that came out in 2020.

I think as there are a lot of links; rather than download everything, we will send you over to Stacey’s site so that you can get everything you need.  One of the videos relates to ‘Hogwood’, which are very familiar with as a campaign by Viva! Regarding actions against a pig facility.

Here is the link to Stacey at ‘Our Compass’; followed by a few links to the issue of Hogwood that we have done in the past.

Thanks Stacey as always;

Regards Mark

Our Compass Link – Must see documentaries of 2020.

Surge: Our Must-See Documentaries from 2020 | Our Compass (

Here is the overall link to all our Hogwood posts – take your pick of the posts !

Search Results for “Hogwood” – World Animals Voice

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