USA: Animal cruelty and toxic waste in pig farms

View the lives of innocent pigs, born on concentration camps called “Farms for toxic Bacon” (USA)...and see how it is far from natural or humane…in fact, it is a torturous and abusive, living hell….this video shows just how cruel and barbaric this industry is to one of the most intelligent of all animals…

if this was dogs in the video, there would be an uproar worldwide…

if you call yourself an animal lover, loving all of them is what that means….even if you do not like them, the least you must do is leave them alone…


Text–Animal Freedom Fighter–

 And I mean…About 110 million pigs are slaughtered in the United States each year, making about 23 billion pounds of pork.

Smithfield’s Tar Heel, N.C.,  is the largest slaughterhouse in the world. It processes more than 30,000 hogs every day.


Flickr: 43008179@N00

Industrial pig waste contains … ammonia, methane, hydrogen sulfide, carbon monoxide, cyanide, phosphorous, nitrates, and heavy metals.

In addition, the waste nurses more than 100 microbial pathogens that can cause illness in humans …

Flickr: picstever / Steve

In addition, humans who have fallen into these lagoons have died.

In an average week, more than 2 million pigs are slaughtered in the U.S., almost exclusively to be processed and eaten by people as “pork” products—primarily bacon, ham, and sausage.

Humane Society of the United States–Sometimes dead piglet parts are ground up and fed to living pigs.

In 2017, about 235 million pigs were sold in the U.S., and 95% of those were raised on concentration camps called “Pig-Farms“ with 5,000 or more individual pigs, under the cruel way, we saw on the video.

US’s largest “farm” keeps over 900,000 female sows at any given time designated for breeding until they are “spent” and slaughtered.

Ist möglicherweise ein Bild von Essen

Don’t believe the myth of the happy pig next door that the advertisements want to sell you as a happy animal that doesn’t suffer under industrial violence.

Anything associated with animal consumption is suffering.

My best regards to all, Venus


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