the perfidious crimes against animals

The Awassi Express sailed from Australia’s winter to the Middle Eastern summer in the lead up to the annual Muslim festival of sacrifice. But something went “wrong”. Approximately 2,400 sheep didn’t make it to port.

They died of heat stress, some trapped in a bog of excrement, and someone on board filmed it.


This hell for the animals continues to this day.
One mass murder chases the next.

Decaying animals that lie in the ship for days and weeks, and not even a responsible person who would have to be released for violating the law, cruel conditions in mobile coffins with exotic names such as “Al Shuwaikh,” “Karim Allah”, “Elbeik”… the list could go on and on and everyone is horrified for a few days, everyone calls for more “animal welfare” and “respect for animal laws” but – as always – nothing changes.

And we can be sure that what we learn through videos is only a small part of what is really happening, and most importantly, we can be sure that such crimes happen much more often than we know.

And every time we write petitions to politicians, ministers, commissions, that means to bodies that treat their grandmother’s old console better and more carefully than do with animals.

Hypocrisy, ignorance, indifference to cruelty, mass murders, violations of protective laws and agreements – these are the main characteristics of everyone who benefits from animal corpses

Rights and dignity are reserved exclusively for humans and are often completely denied to non-human animals.

The machinery draws its energy from the large power stations of business, press, religion, and politics, but the energy itself is extracted in the deep, dark pits of human stupidity.

We don’t have to wait for politicians or laws.
We can always start to create real animal welfare by denying the animal profiteers our money.

Where there is no demand, there is no production and where there is no production, there are no “failures” and not even “unfortunate individual cases”.

My best regards to all, Venus


Austria: “”God protect us from poisonous farmers”!

From the Facebook page of the Austrian animal rights activist Martin Balluch

A “citizens ‘initiative against animal factories” has put up a poster that reads:

“God protect us from poisonous farmers! No germs and antibiotics on our families’ plate”.

Content of the poster: “God protect us from poisonous farmers!
No germs and antibiotics on our families’ plates “!

A criticism of pesticides without specifically addressing anyone.
The farmers’ union felt addressed and sued for revocation and omission, although the union is not even mentioned.

As a result, a judge whose husband works in a company that is 100% owned by Raiffeisen * Markt actually ruled that:

– the farmers’ union was meant and therefore may complain
– it is a statement of facts and not an opinion
– these facts are incorrect.

Therefore, the citizens ‘initiative must revoke the statement as untrue, publish the revocation in the “Kleine Zeitung” (small Newspaper) and on a poster for a fee, and pay the farmers’ union money(!!!)

It is hard to believe what kind of judges there are. We had it very often in animal welfare.
It is to be hoped that this disgrace will be reversed in the instance.”

* Raiffeisen: is the brand or name part of more than 330,000 companies that deal with agricultural products in the upstream and downstream sectors as well as general financial services worldwide.

And I mean…The farmers’ association, which is of course known to play the victim, said: “Our local farmers don’t deserve to be denigrated like that, because they produce high-quality food 356 days a year !!!

Since when have environmental polluters been portrayed as victims?

The farmers think it is completely okay to put pigs in cages for 4 months in which they cannot turn around, mothers take their children away, kill excess piglets and when they have exploited cows enough, they let them kill the last money close. And that is subsidized!

If I am not an animal abuser, then I do not use them for my economic interests either.

Animal breeding alone is torture because the animals are bred for maximum performance and have physical problems (especially with poultry).

Where’s the animal owner’s love in this business?

And now there is something else: How much groundwater is contaminated by the liquid manure? We afford the luxury of destroying our environment so that we can worship our daily flesh.

And thus give the animals a torturous life.

I think it would be very fair if the farmer paid for the removal of the nitrates from the water; after all, he caused it.

A vile and despicable judgment, the lobby at its worst.

My best regards to all, Venus