We love Lewis Hamilton

And I mean…“Education is key and we were taught that eating animal products was good for us but we’ve been lied to for 100s of years,” said the Formula 1 world champion.

So many celebrities advertise openly and with conviction against meat consumption!

Who would have believed 30 years ago that we would still experience all of this?
… everyone thought of a utopia.

Many thanks to the vegan Lewis Hamilton for fighting for animal rights

My best regards to all, Venus


Mass murder of poultry in Denmark

Denmark has to kill 19,000 geese and ducks. (!!)

Symbol picture: Instagram

Several cases of bird flu have been discovered in Denmark. The authorities ordered the animals concerned to be slaughtered.

After a new outbreak of bird flu, 19,000 geese and ducks have to be killed in Denmark. As the veterinary and food authority announced on Wednesday, they want to start culling the animals on Thursday in order to prevent the pathogen from spreading further.

“We were on the verge of lifting the restricted zones after the recent outbreaks in West Zealand and were looking forward to an end to the epidemic,” said Deputy Head of Department Tim Petersen.

“So it is unfortunate that we have a new outbreak.”

The H5N8 avian flu is a deadly disease for birds. Poultry flocks could be infected by wild birds foraging for food.

Bird flu has been affecting Danish poultry farms for five months.

The current outbreak was the 15th since November, the message said. Due to the epidemic, chicken and poultry owners across Denmark are required to keep their animals under or locked away.

In addition, each outbreak creates additional local restricted areas for owners of chickens and other birds.


And I mean…First tons of fur animals and now the poultry. Just the expression “they want to start culling the animals …” reminds us of the mass murder of fur animals and shows what fascism we live in when it comes to other animals.

Just take a good look at the picture above for 1 minute.
Concentration camp – that is the cruel and torturous factory farming.

Thousands upon thousands of animals in a confined space in artificial light.

No wonder when epidemics break out, such animals are very often pumped full of antibiotics. With such animal husbandry, the risk of epidemics and severe diseases increases enormously.
First with animals and then with humans.

And then we banish the danger for us, human animals with – as always – the mass murder of the innocent.

Geflügelpest in Polen: In Brandenburg wächst die Angst vor der Vogelgrippe - Berlin - Tagesspiegel

Wouldn’t it have been a good strategy for Corona to “cull” too?

My best regards to all, Venus