the unimportant cow

This is the unimportant story of an unimportant cow and her unimportant baby.

This cow, who cared about no one, once gave birth to a baby that didn’t seem much more interesting.
What was of interest was the poor cow’s milk, because it brings profit – “white gold”, so to speak.

But to do this, the unimportant calf had to get away from its unimportant mother.

Men came and dragged the unimportant baby from its unimportant mother onto a truck.
The unimportant cow reacted like any mother by trying to save her beloved child.

She screamed like mad with grief and suffering, tried to get to her unimportant child, but the men denied her this wish and prevented her from doing it.

The truck with the unimportant baby animal onboard started relentlessly and started moving.
The unimportant mother cow instinctively ran after the truck.

(This video is chosen symbolically and does not depict the death of the cow in Italy)

The distance between the unimportant animal and its unimportant offspring grew larger, but she ran, and ran, and ran with pain and profound despair.
She ran, and ran, and ran as fast as she could.

But then the unimportant cow lost her strength.
They could no longer carry their legs.
She collapsed helplessly, her strong mother-heart was at the end and failed any further heartbeat of the unimportant cow.

Life slowly but surely escaped the unimportant body of the unimportant mother while her unimportant child drove away in fear, panic, and cries for help.

The unimportant cow died of heart failure.
Soon the ruthless men would come back and remove the unimportant cow from the side of the road.

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