the dark secret in Kibbutz Lahav

• 01.03.2020

This investigation was carried out at the breeding facility and the pig slaughterhouse at Kibbutz Lahav
** New Covert Investigation 2020 **

This investigation was carried out at the breeding facility and the pig slaughterhouse at Kibbutz Lahav
Operating for about 60 years!

This historical record tells the reality in which the pigs live
And the variety of practices and experiences they go through to the last day of their lives.

Feel free to watch and learn about this industry
And of course anyone interested in making a change

And stop eating animals

Text and source: Glass Walls-

And I mean…On the internet, we read …

The 10 best countries for vegans and vegetarians

we read on …” When it comes to pure vegan food, Israel could also be at the top. There is the highest per capita rate of vegans in the world and there are more and more.

Accordingly, the selection of vegan food and vegan restaurants is huge. As in other countries in the Middle East, falafel, hummus, couscous, and tabouli are part of everyday life and are vegan anyway”

On Facebook, we also read from Yair Netanyahu,  son of the country’s president:

Have mercy on animals! Please don’t eat meat! 🐄🐐🐓גלו רחמים כלפי בעלי החיים! בבקשה אל תאכלו בשר!”

Most of the people in the country don’t know about such crimes or they just don’t care.

There are about 200,000 pigs on the land of the State of Israel killed for the pork industry in the same or a similar way.

Of course, German investments also show similar situations at German slaughterhouses.

But Germany is not even in eleventh place among the vegan countries.

And apart from that! The fact that the same animal torture happens elsewhere does not make the bad conditions in this country any better.

India, too, the first country on the list, is not on the right track and is becoming more and more capitalist and therefore worse and worse.

But Israel has received much praise from many media and animal welfare websites for the allegedly increased vegan awareness of the Israelis and is very often reported on the latest developments in animal welfare in the country

Apparently, it is purely media and travel- industry propaganda. This is how media propaganda works.

P.S: Following this investigation, a criminal complaint has been filed into the location.

My best regards to all, Venus