a message from WAV-Team

Dear friends, followers and readers,

After the many years of existence of our blog (both new and old) it should be clear to most of the people that we are not only posting or translating articles that provide information and correct knowledge about the animals, but that we think it makes sense to take position on it.

We are convinced that the fight for animal rights is a political one and that is why we openly express our solidarity or support to groups such as ALF, whose activities are often criminalized in most countries.

Those who want to discredit the ALF’s tactics keep throwing up the word “terrorism”.
For example, the FBI, the US repression agency, describes the ALF as “the most dangerous terrorist threat after Al Qaeda”!

When we consider that not a single human or non-human animal has been injured since the ALF was founded in England in 1976, and the meat industry alone is responsible for the murder of millions of sentient individuals every day, then the question arises, who the real terrorists are.

On the contrary, ALF activists are compassionate people who risk their own freedom for those who cannot defend themselves.

The animal exploitation industry and the state go hand in hand.

The animal exploitation industry and the state make billions killing non-human animals.

The activists of the Animal Liberation Front are trying to stop the animal exploitation industry and that is why the cooperation partner “State” is fighting a growing social movement.

In view of the above, it is no wonder that members of ALF and similar groups are very careful with their private data, which we fully respect here.

Best regards to all,

Venus and Mark

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